Trump Vs The States Battle To Reopen Heats Up…Why Not Just Let The People Be Free To Decide?

All of the MSM and most of the “alternative” media have jumped on the battle to re-open bandwagon, and nearly all ignore one glaring but apparently insignificant detail…


Half Dollar’s Note: To anybody who gets easily offended, please DO NOT READ this opinionated article and just hit the “back” button immediately.



(by Half Dollar) The battle to re-open is heating up!

There’s only one problem: You’re either with Trump, or you’re with the Governors.

That is to say, you’re either for the Federal Government controlling everything, or you’re for the State Governments controlling everything aside from being on the Federal Government’s leash.

That’s it!

The people cannot decide what’s best for themselves.

Individuals cannot decide what’s best for themselves.

No sir.

The government will decide for you.

And the propagandists in both the Mainstream media and the supposed “alternative” media are making it abundantly clear that no matter what, it’s the corrupt politicians whims before those of the people.

For example, here’s everybody’s favorite wannabe alternative media website, Zero Hedge on Tuesday morning:

The issue of when to reopen the economy, and the battle between the states and Trump, appears to be the big issue looming over the US this week, now that it’s become clear that the urgent shortage of supplies that certain Democratic governors had warned of actually wasn’t a problem after all.

It should come as no surprise to anybody that Zero Hedge is a sell out for Team Trump at the very minimum, all the while playing the (false) left-right paradigm in only the best of professional wrestling fashion.

Side note: Check out Zero Hedge’s extensive, over-use of the acronym “CCP” lately, because hey, the new cold war has one less “C” in it than the old, but by golly, if they’re gonna pump for the warmongering Deep State Globalists, pump they will!

How original.

And pathetic.

But I digress.

Trump is playing the role and reading from his script very well:

You hear that Cuomo?

That won’t happen!

CNN is Cuomo’s corner, however, so Trump better realize that he’s got another thing coming:

Washington (CNN)New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo would refuse and legally challenge a potential order from President Donald Trump to reopen the state’s economy if doing so would put its residents at risk of being exposed to the novel coronavirus, he said Tuesday.Trump has falsely claimed that, as President, he has “total” authority to decide to lift restrictions governors have imposed to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Ultimately, the state and local officials who have been imposing restrictions for the last month are the ones who will decide when to lift those restrictions.

Cuomo’s brother is, of course, a CNN TV star, so yeah, go figure on that one, but more importantly, CNN is backing Cuomo to appear to support state rights, but in reality, that’s only if NYC authoritarianism is imposed across all 50 states because that’s CNN’s meaning of States’ Rights.

Fox News is doing what it does best:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly unleashed on President Trump in a call with colleagues Monday, calling his administration’s delay in ensuring coronavirus testing and supplies “almost sinful,” as he now weighs when to reopen the economy.

During a phone call with House Democrats Monday, Politico reported, Pelosi, D-Calif., also claimed Trump was putting Americans in danger by allegedly rushing to bring life back to normal and end social distancing guidelines.

Fox News minimally supports President Trump because the “news” company must pander to Republicans and keep the (false) liberal Vs conservative paradigm alive, mixed in with some superficial Democrat bashing.

Here’s what’s missing from all of this talk: What the people want.

More importantly, why does the individual have absolutely zero say in the matter?

It’s a sad state of affairs when people have to live their lives wondering if they are or are not allowed to do something, and it’s an even sadder state of affairs when the government and especially politicians of any importance exist for the sole purpose of telling people what they can and can’t do, the latter of which will be enforced in myriad ways, all of which seek to do one thing – deny Americans liberty.

Dang shame.

Finally, here’s about as good as it gets for those who favor the rights of We the People over a Constitution-destroying government at pretty much all levels: