Trump Tweeted About Minneapolis 18 Times In 2019: Why Is He Silent With Over 30 Buildings Burned, Looted Or Destroyed Last Night?

The silence is deafening…

(by Half Dollar) The silence is deafening, but when he makes a comment, I’ll update this post.

Trump Tweeted about Minneapolis eighteen times last year:

Although he hasn’t said a word about Minneapolis this morning, and to say the damage is quite expensive is an understatement.

And it’s not like he’s not aware of the situation, or supposedly doing something about it:

Regardless, at the time of this writing, there were over 30 buildings damaged, looted, or burned last night:

That’s one night, in one single city.

Which brings me to a point I’ve been wanting to make as I drove by a burned down restaurant the other day, and this article is fitting for such a point, which is more like a prediction than anything: Get ready for an increase in fires at stores, restaurants, and other private places all across the United States.

Why is that?

Insurance claims, that’s why.

Because if Main Street is dead in the water, then there’s no bringing her back, and as such, people will try to get whatever they can, while they can.

And although the vast majority of the fire claims will probably get denied because riots, civil unrest, and things like that are often times excluded from the insurance coverage, whether a shop owner understands that, or even cares, is moot.

People are desperate, and desperate people do irrational things.

A lot of Main Street, in my opinion, is about to burn to the ground.

Is this economic collapse?

Yes, but it’s also really so much more than just that.

As we wait for Trump’s comments…