Trump To Sign Executive Order To Halt Exports Of Some Medical Supplies

Are “shady brokers” really to blame for a lack of medical supplies, or is something else going on here?

(by Half Dollar) Apparently “shady brokers” are screwing everything up.

So much so, that Tucker Carlson reports Trump issuing an executive order to halt some medical exports.

Ironically, much like the supposed alternative media likes to point out that Hillary will never accept the fact that she’s the reason why she lost the 2016 election, President Trump will never admit that he’s botched many, many things (the most important being his continued refusal to tell people to wear actual masks) when it comes to the federal response to coronavirus.

Nonetheless, it sure seems the Trump Administration is playing the “why are there no medical supplies” blame game.

It’s all because of all of those greedy individuals trying to make a quick buck!

Hear the report right here:

Here’s an honest question: With global supply chain disruptions being what they are, and with the President pumping his “P act”, how is it that there are all of these critical medical supplies just flowing into the US, only to be immediately snatched-up by “shady brokers”?

I mean, if the FBI raids individuals homes for N-95 masks:

Are we really to believe there are all of these “shady brokers” just lined up at the ports intercepting cargo containers?

Or, is it that the medical supplies really aren’t coming in, and medical supplies continue to be in short supply, so we’re simply being lied to?

Lying is, in fact, the official US government Covid-19 modus operandi, which we’ve gone over time and time again.

Regardless, here’s a little blast from the Trump Administration’s not to distant past: