Trump Tests “Negative” for Coronavirus: Here Are 3 Specific Reasons Why He Can Still Be Infected

After being confronted several times regarding the issue, the President is virus free, or is he?

(Silver Doctors Editors) President Trump finally took the Covid-19 Test.

For those who are not sure as to why he took the test to begin with, well, this:

The President had a ton of close contact with Bolsonaro on Saturday, March 7th.

President Trump has finally, supposedly, been tested:

It’s darn hard to find where the letter is posted on the official government website.

Nice going big tech and especially Google censors!

Regardless, there are at least three reasons why President Trump could still have the virus.

First and foremost, the test could be faulty, it could have been not properly administered, or in some other way, the test could have been subject to human error.

It is no secret there have been problems with the test.

Secondly, well, it takes some time from the time a person is infected until the infection shows up on a test.

Here’s from the CDC’s testing “FAQs” webpage:

In appears there is a little bit of intentional vagueness mixed with the unknowns of a “new” virus, be it natural, man-made, or whatever.

To drive the point home about a certain amount of time that needs to pass before the infection can be detected in a test, look at what the CDC says about HIV testing:

There is a lot of doubt the in the CDC’s own words.

It is quite possible that the President could be infected, only enough time hasn’t passed for the virus to be in sufficient quantity to show up on the actual test.

Finally, the third reason why the President could still be infected is much more ominous.


Well, this:

That was written over one month ago.

The bottom line is the US government will be saying whatever the heck it wants to say, whether it’s the truth or not:

So, how do we know if the President was even tested in the first place?

We don’t.

Honest question: If there really was a “Deep State coup” to “overthrow a duly elected President” as so many in the supposed “alternative media” claim, wouldn’t President Trump have the virus already?