Trump Tells Congress To Change Stimulus Checks From $600 To $2000, Trump Also Vetoes Defense Bill

Quite the drama in Washington! Silver Bugs, Stackers, and other Smart Investors of modest means, however, may want to pay attention…

(by Half Dollar) Some interesting developments have happened over the last 36 hours or so, and I’d like to share them here, in part, because there is real money on the line for Main Street.

Money that at least buys something, for now.

First of all, This morning I wrote about the so-called “stimulus bill”, which is really a combined fiscal budget bill and coronavirus stimulus relief bill packed into one gigantic monster called the “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021”, which could also be called, “Complex Crap You Can’t Understand So We’ll Just Raid The Coffers And Rub Any Leaked Selfies In Your Faces On Social Media SNAFU, Covid-2021”, or could it not when the document is over 5,500 pages in length?

Still, that bill was passed on Monday night, and then came the Trump Tuesday Night Shocker!

Here’s more about the stimulus bill and the shocker that I wrote about today for the best online gold & silver bullion dealer, which you can read in its entirety over there:

Trump says “it’s taken forever”.

Indeed, it has.

I mean, Stevie Boy had this to say back in July:

And considering the blistering speed at which Freedom and Liberty are being destroyed this year, I’d say five months is kind of like taking forever.

It’s funny too, or ironic, or whatever, that this is exactly what I was talking about on October 9th when I wrote the following (bold and bold added for emphasis):

You see, it’s not a question of if, but rather, it’s a question of completing the necessary loopholes within the framework of the legislation so that corrupt bastards in Washington can further enrich themselves and their bestest buddies on Wall Street, and that stuff takes time to write up in all of its technical glory when the party’s still going from the last round of stimulus, you know!

Besides, they really hate giving Joe Deplorable a hand out.

I mean, the Welfare Queens, sure, there’s always a hand out there because that’s more like the cost of doing business, lest we have less prison churn, lest we have less youth to choose from when the military needs a surge, and lest we have less people dependent on the system in order to justify our bloated government at all levels, so just stick the Welfare Queens in Section 8 Public Housing, don’t let their landlords kick them out, give them free medical care, feed their kids and their crackhead boyfriends, and, like, what the heck, give them a Visa Cash Card a few times a year too so they can put stuff on layaway at Walmart for Christmas.

But Joe Deplorable?

The Rugged American who works hard everyday just so he and his family can scrape by, without asking anybody for anything even though all he ever gets without even asking for it is the shaft?


And then BOHICA some more.

And then sure, Joe Deplorable, we will make it a Merry Christmas for you too, begrudgingly, and reluctantly, but we really only plan on giving one more hand out this year, so in the meantime, like, um, oh, yeah, errr, uh, ahh, hmm, let’s see here, we’re just going to use stall tactics to make it seem like it is all just part of the elaborate negotiation.

So it seems that analysis was about spot on.

And yes, there is a point here: There is now a little pressure put on Congress, essentially, and President Trump, either on his own or acting out his script, because, well, let’s face it, he is an actor, you know, has shown a willingness to throw at least a minor curveball to Congress two days before Christmas!

You see, Trump has said on this on his personal Twitter account before, and more than one time, about the Defense Bill:

And today, he did just that!

From Fox News (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

President Trump vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 Wednesday, calling it a “gift” to U.S. adversaries China and Russia and making good on a promise to veto if it did not repeal a law that shields certain Big Tech companies from liabilities.

“My Administration recognizes the importance of the Act to our national security,” the president wrote to House members after vetoing the bill. “Unfortunately, the Act fails to include critical national security measures, includes provisions that fail to respect our veterans and our military’s history, and contradicts efforts by my Administration to put America first in our national security and foreign policy actions.”

Now, on the one hand it is true that the veto can be overridden, but on the other hand, are they really going to go back to Washington to override the veto but not address the other issues Trump brought up regarding the budget/stimulus bill?

And what if he vetoes that bill?