Coronavirus Suspensions: Trump Political Rallies, ALL Carnival Cruises And The NBA Season

The cancellations are mounting. Here’s a round-up of just a few of them…

(Silver Doctors Editors) The cancellations keep rolling in.

Three days ago, President Trump as still downplaying Covid-19 Coronavirus and comparing it to the flu:

That was on March 9th, and only two days later, on March 11th, we see some action that isn’t what people do with regards to something that’s just the flu.

Think about that!

On March 11th, President Trump’s Press Secretary releases a statement cancelling two upcoming political rallies.

From Newsweek:

The White House announced Wednesday that President Donald Trump would be suspending upcoming rallies in light of the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Trump had planned to travel to Nevada and Colorado for campaign events later in the week. No other rallies are currently scheduled. The move follows an announcement by the campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden, saying they would be cancelling in-person campaign gatherings in favor of “virtual events.” Senator Bernie Sanders has also cancelled events due to the virus.

“Out of an abundance of caution from the Coronavirus outbreak, the President has decided to cancel his upcoming events in Colorado and Nevada,” said White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham in a statement.

Honest question: If the Deep State Globalists were truly out to “get Trump”, as in this “coup” everybody claims exists, then wouldn’t Trump have already been infected with coronavirus already?

After all, it’s much harder to question the official narrative of a viral infection than it is to question the official narrative of a president getting a chuck of his head blown off while riding in a convertible.

Nonetheless, slowly, but surely, people and businesses are waking up to the severity of the situation.

Here’s Carnival’s decision, which surely wasn’t easy to make:

Amid the worldwide concern with the growing coronavirus pandemic, a Miami-based cruise line is docking its ships for two months.

Carnival Corporation announced that it suspending operations of its Princess Cruises starting Thursday and running until May 10.

The information had to come from NBCMiami because, apparently, Carnival’s “press/media” webpage is being bombarded and unable to keep up.

Additionally, the NBA has suspended its season, and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (aka “March Madness”) is being severely limited with regards to who can attend.


And from the NCAA:

Cancellations developing…