Trump Supporters Feel Trump Has Kicked Sand In Their Faces By Not Prosecuting Hillary

Jim Marrs says he’s trying to give Trump credit, but Trump is the Chief Executive of the country, and as such, it’s time to act in the interest of America. Here’s more…

Jim Marrs interviewed by Richie Allen on The Richie Allen Show

Richie Allen recently had his original YouTube channel deleted as the victim of YouTube’s censorship.

Richie’s new channel is up and running, and he’s back in action with hard hitting guests who pull no punches.

Of interest is his latest guest, Jim Marrs, who, along with Richie, take a deep dive down the rabbit hole in this interview.

From The Clinton Body Count to President Trump’s supporters to space aliens, this interview is sure to have something for everybody.

Tune in to to this interview in its entirety below: