Trump Slams Faltering Chinese Economy, Declares US ‘Winning’ Trade War

With US stocks at record highs, it appears the president couldn’t resist a few minutes to gloat…

from Zero Hedge

The leadership in Beijing probably wasn’t too disappointed with the country’s slowest in nearly 30 years 6.2% annualized GDP print published early Monday morning local time, after all, in keeping with China’s “no surprises” mandate on economic data – every number is goalseeked to perfection to match the consensus, even if the Q2 number was slightly lower than Q1.

But with stocks at record highs, allowing Trump the upper hand in the interminable trade war, it appears the president couldn’t resist a few minutes to gloat.

As Trump has long claimed, thousands of companies are leaving China for other non tariiffed countries (though, the rest of China’s economic data wasn’t nearly so downbeat as the GDP number, which suggests that, once again this is merely more Trump showmanship).


China “wishes it hadn’t broken the original deal in the first place,” Trump says. But the US has plenty of time to hold out for better terms, since money is pouring into the coffers of our Treasury – taxes paid by American importers, but we magine Trump will continue to pretend our adversaries in China are footing the bill.