Trump Signs Consolidated Appropriations Bill, $600 Stimulus Checks They Will Be

Trump narrowly avoids a fiscal disaster and saves the nation from a Federal shutdown!

(by Half Dollar) On Sunday, President Trump signed the consolidated appropriations act, the bill that includes both the Federal budget for 2021 as well as the latest round of Federal coronavirus fiscal stimulus.

From Bloomberg (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

President Donald Trump signed a bill containing $900 billion in pandemic relief, backing down from last-minute demands that undercut his own negotiating team, risked a government shutdown and delayed widely supported economic aid as coronavirus cases continue to rise.

Was he really “backing down”, or was he just following his script?

Regardless, this is not the end of the stimulus.

This is just the latest round of fiscal stimulus, but it indeed is the second round of stimulus this year alone that includes direct payments to the people, the so-called “helicopter money”.

And the stimulus can’t stop, because we have unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on unsustainable, exponential growth.

It’s commonly called “hyperinflation”, we’re pretty much in the crack-up boom right now, and it’s not a bug but a feature.

In other words, the money’s no good, and most of the sheeple are going to learn that the hard way.

I think the crack-up boom will be global, because as soon as the store shelves get wiped out in the United States, dollars will find themselves making their way around the entire world, and pretty soon, there will be nothing left to buy, and the dollar will be no more.

Why are so many countries denying their citizens of the right to purchase “non-essentials”?

Sure, it was a rhetorical question, but I’ll go ahead and give a little spoiler: I think it’s because both wholesale and retail inventories of goods and stuff are already low, and store shelves would be wiped out in mere hours.

And panic would set in within a day.