Trump Says “There’s No Inflation”, Calls On Fed To Cut Interest Rates And Start Printing Money

Trump just said that despite the actions of the Fed, the economy is doing quite well, but if the Fed does what the President wants…

President Trump is at it again.

First, just yesterday, on Thursday, he Tweeted this:

Since then, however, the rhetoric has picked up.

From Bloomberg, President Trump speaking to reporters on Friday, 04-05-19:

In less than a minute, in the video above, President Trump said there is no inflation, the economy is doing very well, and if the Fed would just do as the President says to do, as in slash interest rates and start debt-monetization a la massive money printing, then the economy would take of like a rocket ship.

Recall, he may be the same man, but President Trump’s words are very different from Candidate Trump’s words:

Candidate Trump spoke some truth.

As did Donald Trump:

It should be noted that the same “reckless policies” that Donald Trump Tweeted about in September of 2011 are the very same Fed policies of April 2019.