Trump Says If Dems Won’t Vote To Fund Border Wall, Then US Military Will Build It

Govt shutdown up next? Trump digs in heels and demands that any funding bill set aside at least $5 billion for his promised border wall. Here’s more…

from Zero Hedge

Lawmakers are furiously negotiating to try and strike a compromise that would avert a partial government shutdown (what would be the third since Trump’s inauguration), but President Trump is digging in his heels and demanding that any funding bill set aside at least $5 billion for his promised border wall in what looks to be a last-ditch gambit to fulfill one of his most grandiose campaign promises before Democrats take the House in January.

And just in case Democratic leaders were hoping they could push through another compromise capitulation (like they did earlier this year), Trump issued a series of browbeating tweets Tuesday morning warning accusing Democrats of hypocrisy by reminding the world that both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer voted to fund the construction of a border barrier back in 2006 (they voted for a bill that, as Politifact reminds us, wasn’t all that different from what Trump has proposed).

Between the Wall prototypes and the renovations that have already been approved by Congress and the Trump Administration, Trump said many Americans don’t realize how much of the wall has already been built. And if Democrats don’t give Trump what he wants, the president said he’s prepared to do an end-run around Congress and order the military to build the wall.

Trump is expected to meet with Pelosi and Schumer on Tuesday for face-to-face budget talks as the Dec. 21 deadline is less than two weeks away.


Editor’s Note: For an alternative view on the border wall, a view that isn’t even talked about in the alternative media, see this post which argues why the border wall isn’t designed to keep people out of the US, but to keep people in the US from getting out…