Trump Says Economy Will Collapse If US-Mexico-Canada Trade Deal Not Put Up For Vote Quickly!

Fox Business is in damage control right now, reporting a “final deal” could be coming “in the next 24 hours”…

(Silver Doctors Editors) President Trump Tweeted about economic collapse over the weekend:

That probably didn’t sit well with the masses.

It certainly would not sit well with the HFT Algos that make “buy” and “sell” decisions based off of Trump Tweets, which is one of the reasons he said that on Saturday.

You see, the better written HFT algos don’t execute trades off of such distant history, surely not by the time the markets open back up again for the new week!

Fox Business, therefore, appears to be doing damage control today, Monday:

Trade negotiators from the U.S., Mexico and Canada have reached an agreement that makes changes to the enforcement of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, multiple sources have told FOX Business.

A final deal could come together in the next 24 hours, according to sources, paving the way for ratification by all three countries. U.S. stocks were little changed on the developments.

Is a final deal coming?

Or is this an just MSM propagandist twist to calm the nerves (and the short-selling HFT algos).