Trump Pushes For War On American Savers During Speech At Davos 2020 World Economic Forum

SD Midweek Update: The war drums are beating again, only this time they’re not beating for the Iran War but the War on American Savers…


Editor’s Note: There will not be a Silver Doctors Live today.


President Trump is at it again.

Yesterday in Davos, he was beating the negative interest rates war drums:

I’m not sure how it is that nobody calls him out on this, but then again, I also never understood how those teenage girls would cry, scream and faint whenever The Beatles took to the stage many decades ago.

Rockstars are influential.

How anybody can justify President Trump’s desire for a war on savers is beyond me?

President Trump essentially wants to destroy the value of saving for America’s future.

Dang shame.

I’m going to stop there, even though I keep writing and deleting what I write, because I’m really going to make people mad again if I keep on writing, and since 2020 began with a bang, quite literally, over in the Middle East, I’ve already had a full year’s worth of hate mail come my way in just a few short weeks.

The gold-to-silver ratio popped yesterday:

The ratio popped for the stacker friendly reason of falling silver prices.

“Market participants” just couldn’t sell their silver fast enough yesterday!

Who the heck wants real money anyway?

I think $17.50 will hold:

If we drop down to a 16-handle, however, that would be a back-up the truck moment.

Gold has been holding up quite nicely at $1550:

I’ve been warning about pressure coming this week and next, and for now it looks like it’s more of a consolidation over time than over price.

Palladium continues to be on fire:

At some point I’m expecting a move back down to the 50-day moving average, but that may not come until the average points up even more than it is now.

Platinum is still holding support at $1000:

You would think platinum begins to catch some of palladium’s bid as the two are mostly interchangeable for industrial use.

The cartel is still in full on VIX suppression mode:

10-handle, anyone?

The stock market is still hitting all-time record highs:


Yield on the 10-Year Note finally looks set to rollover:

In theory, yield must go down for the government to be able to even service the interest on the national debt, and I say “in theory”, because in reality, the government will just print what it needs.

The dollar is pretty much right in the middle of the range its been in for the last year:

President Trump also wants a “weak dollar”, and I’m quite sure he’ll get it.

The bottom line here this beautiful Wednesday in January of 2020?

How are people not disgusted by the destruction of the dollar?

How are people not disgusted by the War on Savers?

Or of the destruction of the United States?

Probably because people are scared.

They’re scared of the unknown.

And so they keep it going.

America’s future rots.

In front of our eyes.

Nobody cares.

About it.

At all.


Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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