Trump Praises “Benefits” Of Negative Interest Rates, Pushes US To Accept (Too Bad Elderly American Savers & Non-Adult Citizens!)

Are you trying to get ahead in life but feel like you’re only falling behind? If you don’t feel that way then don’t worry. Trump’s on it…

(by Half Dollar) I guess I’ve gotta make some people mad again.

So be it.

President Trump not only wants elderly American savers to die, but to choose how they will commit suicide (slowly by not buying food, or more quickly by not buying meds), and he wants to make sure American minors are debt slaves for their entire lives.

But don’t take ‘Ol Half Dollar’s word for it, see Trump pumping the destruction of America for yourself:

That’s not the first time he’s been pushing for negative interest rates, either, just the latest.

For the other negative interest rate Tweets, and for all of Trump’s Tweets for that matter, check out the Trump Twitter Archive website and search to your heart’s content.

Or disgust.

That said, here’s a little article if you need absolute proof Trump will never do anything “good for gold”, as if it weren’t obvious enough already.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, why is Trump harpin’ on negative interest rates today?”.

Good question.

First, they’re trial balloons, prep-work if you will, or if I may, plus, recall that last week, we covered the fact that the “markets” were pricing-in a negative interest rate on the Fed Funds Rate for the first time, ever.

So what we have is some good old-fashioned follow-through momentum to keep the negative interest rates topic front-n-center on the radar, perhaps to keep the pesky Supreme Court hearings about Trump’s financial records off the radar, as if negative interest rate talk was normal dinnertime conversation.

It’s not.

And just so we’re clear: Negative interest rates are evil, and Trump loves them.

Unless, of course, your battle cry is “trust the plan”, and then it’s just a little short-term pain until we can drain the swamp!

The fact that “trust the plan” is still a thing is truly amazing.

But I digress.

Finally, if you’re one for seeing just how much you can stomach Trump’s hypocrisy on the economy and markets, also from today:

If you thought falling prices at the pump and rising prices for crude oil were mutually exclusive, you’d be wrong.

And no, Trump’s not talking about reducing the Federal gas tax or anything like that to account for rising crude oil prices with falling gasoline prices.

To the contrary, President Trump has been an advocate for raising the Federal gas tax.

Here’s the thing, in case you didn’t know: Trump’s the only man on the planet who can have his cake and eat it too while simultaneously knocking-out Chuck Norris with one swift, round-house kick to the face.