Trump Orders GM To Immediately Re-Open Lordstown, Ohio Plant And Start Making Ventilators

GM’s 6000 overpriced ventilators by late-April won’t cut it, so Trump just ordered General Motors to immediately open an abandoned plant and make more…


Editor’s Note: This news was reported before the press release of Trump actually formally ordering GM to re-open the plant.


(Silver Doctors Editors) There has been much talk about ventilators over the last several days.

Indeed, in an emotional lashing-out at the Federal Government in general, and FEMA specifically, here’s what Governor Cuomo of New York had to say about ventilators three days ago (video will auto-play from the correct time-stamp):

During yesterday’s press conference, the Governor stopped short of saying they’ll just start taking people off of ventilators, implying that the elderly, once needing to be attached to ventilators, have less of a chance of ever coming off of the ventilators if used for more than a few weeks time.

Needless to say, the topic of ventilators has been a very hot topic in the United States.

So has the Defense Production Act, which Trump constantly reminds the press that invoking the act gives him great powers at the stroke of a pen, as Trump said during Thursday’s press conference.

Well, no pen is even needed when you conduct official US Government business on a personal Twitter account, as President Trump just gave the order to GM.

See here:


And here:

The President will be discussing the hard numbers later on today:

In fact, the Coronavirus Task Force is scheduled to hold its Friday news briefing today at 5:00 p.m. EST (watch it via the embedded video below):

The daily news briefings start notoriously late, however.