Aides Say Trade-Talks Call From China ‘Conflated’ By Trump (Like A LIE?) To Boost Stock Market

There’s “forward guidance”, and now it seems like “brute force forward guidance” is a thing…

Of course, I say “brute force forward guidance” lightly because I think pretty much all markets are manipulated 24/7.

Still, President Trump said there was a phone call from China, and one reporter called Trump out on it, to which Mnuchin & Trump pretty much side-stepped the question:

Seems like a pretty straightforward question, let’s think about how it could have been answered:

  1. Yes. There was a call.
  2. No. There was not a call.

Or perhaps I don’t understand 4-D chess?


Regardless, today CNN is out with this little reporting (bold added for emphasis):

Still, Trump flashed signs of optimism this week that the trade war could be resolved, saying he’s received calls from Chinese officials saying they wanted to restart talks. Though Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin insisted there had been “communication,” aides privately conceded the phone calls Trump described didn’t happen they way he said they did.

Instead, two officials said Trump was eager to project optimism that might boost markets, and conflated comments from China’s vice premier with direct communication from the Chinese.

I get it: At best this is fake news reporting on fake news.

At worst, it is Trump lying to manipulate the market.

Let’s not focus on the he said, she said of all this.

Instead, look at the bigger picture going on.

The market is way beyond any “crash”.

I’d say the market is brain-dead.

Soon the plug will be pulled.

Even if it’s not pulled.

It’s on life support.

The power’s out.


Got gas?



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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