Trump Claims HE Has The Power To Open Back Up The States, NOT The Governors

And what about the people? Ha! The people have no say in the matter…

(by Half Dollar) The “get back to work” meme has been picking-up steam again in the mainstream.

In fact, Trump is keeping the opportunities very, very close by essentially excluding all of those who aren’t part of his inner circle:

Merit be danged, it’s about the buddy-buddy system of friends and family in the Land of the Formerly-Free.

Here’s more, from Fox News:

The task force is also expected to include acting chair of the Council of Economic Advisors Tom Philipson and White House advisers Larry Kudlow, Peter Navarro, Chris Liddell, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

A source told Fox News that it is unclear whether there will be people from outside of government “officially” brought into this council, or if they will only be included in the consultation process.

The president first announced the task force on Friday during a coronavirus task force briefing, saying that he understands the gravity of the situation as he prepares to make a decision on whether to ease social distancing guidelines to open the economy, which has been largely shuttered in many states to curb transmission.

“I would say without question it’s the biggest decision I’ve ever had to make,” Trump said.

“It’s been my honor to be the president for the American people… I have a big decision coming up and I only hope to God it’s the right decision,” Trump said.

Let me clarify and translate what I highlighted in bold above: Only Deep State Globalists that are loyal to President Trump will be “officially” brought into this council, and especially Deep State Globalists in Patriot’s Clothing that are loyal to Trump.

Of course, being the mainstream media that they are and the people the sheeple that they are, we need some propaganda that’s fair and balanced.

And so today, there’s a little cat fight going on in the mainstream media.

From Bloomberg:

The mainstream is trying to spark the idea that America can get back to work, only they’re sparking it in typical divide-and-conquer style.

Trump’s sticking to his script and playing the role nicely:

Notice what is missing from the debate, and from Fox News, and Bloomberg, and pretty much everywhere else in the mainstream, however: The people.

What do the people want?


As if the people mattered to the government.

The people are to be controlled, not consulted.

And Trump is no different, only slightly more fascist than all of the corrupt Presidents who who came before him, which can be generally pinpointed to some time around the creation of the Federal Reserve.

When you’re country goes full national socialist, it’s what the top wants to happen from the top down that matters, bottom of the barrel be danged.