Trump Asks (Via His Personal Twitter Account) About Delaying The 2020 US Presidential Election

Trump asks, “Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???”…

(by Half Dollar) It’s amazing to think we’re only few months away from what will surely be the most contested US Presidential Election in history.

That is, assuming the votes are actually counted and ‘politicians’ are ‘elected’ into office and not put there by the Deep State Globalists.

Nonetheless, is the election only a few months away, or will there be a ‘delay’?

Right now President Trump seems to prefer the latter.

Fresh of the Twitter presses, from his personal Twitter account, President Trump just said this:


This is not all he’s said about the 2020 election either.

In fact, President Trump’s been blowing-up his personal Twitter account lately to air his concerns.