The longer we drag this out prohibiting people from working, the more likely it is we all be in a Great Depression together…

by Mac Slavo of SHTFplan

President Donald Trump is going back and forth, unable to decide if we should be “allowed” to work and return to our lives or not.  Over the weekend, he said that it’s time for America to reopen once again and that it would be “sooner than you think.”

Politicians have made the solution to the coronavirus pandemic far worse by destroying people’s lives in order to slow the spread of what will be a seasonal sickness we will all get at some point. “We have to get back to work. We have to open our country again,” the president said repeatedly and emphatically at a coronavirus press conference at the White House.

But how soon could that be? People are already saying the government’s $1200 stimulus checks won’t be enough to save them from financial destruction.

My sense is that the president is about to lose his patience with all of his medical experts, who want to keep America under lock and key until the very last individual virus has been cornered in some out of the way place and put out of our misery. But he knows America can’t wait that long if there is going to be a country and an economy left to save. Trump understands this stay-at-home policy his health experts are foisting on him is doing more harm to America than the virus ever could. The cure is rapidly becoming worse than the disease. –Brian Fischer, One News Now

Things have spiraled out of control to the point that the Chinese are likely laughing at our willingness to accept tyranny and the complete decimation of the economy.  The mainstream media continues to panic people while Bill Gates demands you give up your livelihood and lose everything you’ve worked for during a sustained months-long draconian lockdown that physicians say is not working.

AAPS: State Lockdowns Aren’t Having an Impact in COVID-19 Deaths

We are not saving lives, we are trading off lives.  Suicides have already skyrocketed and they will grow exponentially if people cannot begin to legally feed their families again. This has gotten out of hand and if we want to remain a first world country without the looting, rioting, and violence, we will all be back to work by Monday. If not, we’ll devolve into something that looks like Venezuela with a totalitarian police state barking orders we are all expected to obey while being banned from making money to pay for food or rent.

Police surrounded a church in Baltimore which was meeting with just 10 people in perfect conformity with the edict of the governor. There were more cops than parishioners at the church. Violations of so-called “voluntary” house arrests are now carrying penalties of up to five years in jail and a $5000 fine. I heard this morning of a woman in Mississippi who was pulled over by the state police and ordered to return home immediately. This is not shelter-in-place, this is incarceration-in-place. –Brian Fischer, One News Now

We could all get back to work, and very soon if people would just realize how bad things will get if we don’t.  The aftermath of this pandemic solution will be far more deadly than the virus ever was and could create a Great Depression that would make the last one look like a cakewalk. And the virus didn’t cause that, the government’s overreaction would be the cause of an economic depression.

Dr. Ron Paul On Coronavirus Panic: The Real Danger “Is The Government’s Overreaction”

 Let everyone who does not have coronavirus symptoms go back to work and school. There is no concrete, scientific evidence that asymptomatic people can infect others – all the “evidence” is circumstantial. Urge folks, of course, to be smart and sensible: wash their hands regularly and maintain social distancing if possible. (However, I do note that when the coronavirus task force gives briefings on the lethal dangers of the virus, they all cluster around whoever is at the microphone as if they’re afraid their faces won’t be on TV. Not much social distancing there.)

Second, urge people to self-quarantine the moment they begin to experience symptoms, by staying home from school and work. This is exactly the same advice we always give with regard to contagious diseases. Coronavirus carriers are the most contagious in the first five days. –Brian Fischer, One News Now

This should have been the logical solution from the get-go, but instead, people glued themselves to their TV, panicked while watching fear-based mainstream media as it shoved the official narrative down their throats. They willingly allowed the government to remove their livelihoods and destroy what took a lifetime to build. Not many so much as even questioned the statistics, or tyranny and few are speaking up.

According to Fischer’s article, Singapore, with a population of 5.6 million, has, as of this morning, a total of six deaths linked to coronavirus. Six. And Singapore is running pretty much wide-open. Schools, businesses, and restaurants are open. If Singapore can keep its country open, we can certainly reopen ours.

Sweden Is NOT Using Authoritarian Controls & Economic Shutdowns To Fight the Pandemic

The way it is, it’ll be a rough year for lower-income workers and small businesses. But the longer we drag this out prohibiting people from working, the more likely it is we all be in a Great Depression together. And that will be far worse than this pandemic. One of the largest problems we have right now is that too many people believe they should get to live in a hermetically sealed world in which they are shielded from anything bad (feelings, viruses, mean words, etc.). Such a world does not exist and will never exist especially under the harshest of tyrannical dictatorships.  Life itself is inherently risky, and we can’t insulate ourselves from all of its risks.  In fact, life is so risky, that we all have a 1oo% chance of not making it out alive.