Trump Administration Poised To Remove Steel & Aluminum Tariffs

According to people familiar with the matter, all that is missing is the effective date…

Bloomberg is reporting that the US is about to lift certain tariffs on Canada & Mexico.

What has been reported so far:

The U.S. is poised to lift steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada and Mexico in favor of stronger enforcement actions, according to people familiar with the matter, in a move that helps clear the way for USMCA ratification, Bloomberg News Reports.

The effective date for removing the tariffs is the outstanding issue, one of the people said.

Which is odd at first glance.


Well, from just a few days ago:

If a person really thinks the tariffs, in only “one” year, have “rebuilt our Steel Industry”, does this mean that in one year the steel industry will have fallen apart again?

It sure seems like that, but by taking this news at face value and looking at this one move as part of a whole, understanding that Trump is the Fall Guy will go a long way into understanding why all of this flip-flopping is taking place, even if this flip-flopping is being done to help “clear the way” as the report states, with words carefully selected to please the HFT Algos crunching the data that’s pumping out of Bloomberg Terminal, which is exactly where this data is first being pumped:


Furthermore, last week, I argued there can be no trade deal without a devaluation to the US dollar, so get ready for steel and aluminum prices that are way more than some stinkin’ 25% tariff.

My dollar devaluation argument includes the USMCA, or, “NAFTA 2.0” as I like to call it.

And I’ve conveniently started the video at the exact point of my argument for your convenience:

I do think the US dollar begins its decline very soon.

The non-stop shelling of gold & silver say it will.

The allowance of the crypto rally says it too.

In the end, protection won’t be the dollar.

Nor Bitcoin or BItcoin’s derivatives.

It is only gold and only silver.

That offer real protection.

At today’s prices?

Tons and tons.


Oh yes.


Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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