Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Wants US To Have The Best (And Most High-Speed) Train Service In The World

Ahh, the delusions of grandeur during times of economic collapse

(by Half Dollar) Forget the crappy roads, forget the rusty bridges, and forget the leaky airports, because we’ve got railroads to build-out!

You know the gazillions of dollars the United States Federal Government is about to “invest” into “infrastructure”, those gazillions of dollars to which not one single penny will be fraudulently wasted or abused, by the way?

Yeah, well, rest assured, Pete’s on it, and by golly, not only are we going to have the bestest, most fastest trains in the entire world, but those trains are going to run even more than just “on time”.

That’s right folks, because if one of Pete’s high-speed bullet-on-tracks ever arrives late, it will travel so fast that it will take you back in time so that you will arrive at your destination better than just “on schedule”.

I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere.


Here’s some reporting, from CNN

(CNN)Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg wants the United States to lead the world on high-speed rail, a goal that’s easier said than done.

“We’ve been asked to settle for less in this country,” Buttigieg said in the MSNBC interview. “I just don’t know why people in other countries ought to have better train service and more investment in high-speed train service than Americans.”

So, we’re going to take the limited natural resources that we have, despite the fact that money is no issue, because we have unlimited amounts of that, and use those scarce resources on high speed rail above, oh, say, “roads and bridges”, those stubborn barbarous travel relics that just refuse to die?


I can’t wait to take the 220mph Detroit to Baltimore to visit family and friends, and it will probably be ready by Summer!