Tractor Trailer Carrying N-95 Masks & Gowns Catches Fire, Medical Equipment A TOTAL LOSS

It “ignited when a real wheel sparked”? Uh, sure it did. Perfect excuse for why Badly Needed Hospital won’t be getting their order of N-95 masks, isn’t it?

(by Half Dollar) File this one under “something stinks to high heaven here”.

We’ve got some vague reporting of a “tractor trailer fire” coming out of the MSM.

Somehow, as incredibly epic bad luck would have it, a wheel “sparked” and set the whole dang tractor trailer on fire!

Now, I’ve seen trucks get all sorts of blown-up in my time, but now we are supposed to believe that a freakin’ wheel sparked and burned down an entire trailer full of medical gear?

Uh, sure it did.

It happens all the time, you know?

The desperately needed PPE is a total loss:

Question: What exactly are the odds that a wheel “sparked” and caused the whole dang trailer to burn down?

Spoiler Alert: While the odds are not exactly zero, they’re pretty dang close.

Follow up question: What a convenient excuse as to why __________ (fill in the blank with your favorite hospital, or whatever) won’t be getting their order of N-95 masks, isn’t it?

Follow-up question to the follow-up question: If you’re a Deep State Globalist and your goal is human depopulation, does this mean you hit the jackpot?