TOTAL FOOD COLLAPSE And Mass Starvation Before The Year 2024 – David Dubyne

David Dubyne tells SGTreport that governments and central banks are terrified of the coming hyperinflation of food prices. They know it’s coming, but they will not tell the public that global mass starvation will happen before even the year 2024. Here’s what David says to expect…

David Dubyne interviewed on SGTreport

Researcher David Dubyne from the Adapt 2030 You Tube channel joins me to discuss what’s really driving the coming collapse. It’s the secret government’s don’t want to tell their citizens about because nothing can be done to prevent it.

It’s the grand solar minimum, and the Chinese know it will devastate crops and food production globally which, according to Dubyne, will cause economies around the world to “evaporate due to never ending, escalating food prices and global food shortages.”

And guess where that will lead us? Dubyne says, “I’m sorry to say, there’s not going to be 8 billion people on the planet by 2024.”