Top Down Dependence Vs. Nature’s Binary Of The Sun, The Family And Gold

What if we do not need corporate governance, corporate owned pompous politicians, misleading media and central bank debt finance?

Submitted by David Bryan author of Two World Systems

We never properly question the hierarchy structure and how it interrelates. A very dangerous globalist best selling non fiction book is being heavily promoted. It is called ‘Sapiens’ written by Yuval Noah Harari a lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It is Bill Gates and Barack Obama’s favorite book and it sows the seeds that the ruling elite under the umbrella of using science, are somehow cool and entitled to have complete control over our future. In a very underhand way, by treating people as instinctive creatures. He is able to set about deliberately undermining compassionate religious values such as Christianity, he firmly advocates for eugenics and culling of the elderly, he belittles the human need to travel on holiday or to own private property. He suggests a new definition of family, states that family owned businesses are an entirely antiquated business model and corporate banking governance is the better solution. In a whole new ball game, published in 2014, the book uses its last chapter, to advocate using science that alters our DNA and gene editing to engineer a more select and superior bionic human race.

What if the pandemic has been the planned means, to alter social resistance and mandate gene editing vaccinations that irreversibly change our DNA? Eliminate leisure travel, ensure the death of the frail and elderly, lead to distressed mortgages and financially bankrupt the entrepreneurial middle class? Do you really think the beast, its bankers, its politicians, billionaires and corporations who benefit have any desire or intention to return our sovereign rights to liberty, equality and fraternity? 

What if the sun naturally provides all the sustenance we need and ensures there is a prolific ecology? What if the family naturally provides emotional well being, social values and a stable civilization? What if Gold and silver naturally provides valuable wealth or capital that can be used to exchange for trade and commerce? It would naturally mean that we do not need to have the imposition of genetic engineering, financial engineering, social engineering, pandemic engineering, bio engineering, geo engineering, military engineering or gene editing vaccinations. 

What if linear motion absolutely does not exist and yet Homo sapiens firmly believes in the illusion of linear motion? We know for a fact that the sun is stationary in our solar system and the Earth moves. Yet we collectively choose to believe that the sun rises in the East, moves in a line across the sky and sets in the West. We even have terminology to describe sunrise and sunset. It means for many millennia, Homo sapiens has incorrectly reasoned based on linear motion and our ideological models are incorrect. To restore prosperity and end the deadlock to human progress, the extremely surprising and amazing laws of the Universe need to be applied. It will bring to an end the abnormal misery and economic destruction, from the ideological and biological war that is being waged against the innocent. 

What if it is not just a coincidence that the sun, the moon, our planet and its rotation are circular? Take any seed and it has a spherical shape. Place it in some fertile soil and it will inevitably produce a plant. The leaves, stem and plant roots will have a curvature shape. The plant from one single seed will produce a crop which contains multiple more seeds. These seeds in turn, can be planted in fertile soil and continue the extraordinary prolific cycle of plant life ad infinitum. When the binary of life is a cycle, it means that humans, animals, birds, insects, etc., will also perpetuate in their own way.

This is science and strange as it may seem at first, it is at odds with our belief. We do not consider the circle of life. If we did, then we would be dealing with fact and have no need for beliefs. It should come as no surprise to find that our beliefs create ideologies and they are unscientific nonsense. Every ideology requires an executive and this bureaucracy imposes the tyranny of countless rules, laws and regulations which remove our freedoms, while on the other hand they provide monstrous favors to a few. Living in an interconnected sphere, we have absolutely no need for ideologies. We have the sun to provide perpetual sustenance and vitamin D for our immune system, the family to provide company with stable values, plus gold as wealth in the treasury along with silver to finance a system of equitable prosperity. 

What if Copernicus astoundingly formulated that the Universe is spherical and stated ‘that everything within a sphere, must conform to a sphere’?

What if Galileo proved “that every motion is circular and circular motion can be perpetually maintained”?

What if The Tibetan Wheel of Life with its four concentric circles, reputed to have been drawn by Buddha factually illustrates how all life interrelates as one cohesive circle? 

What if “There is nothing strange in the circle, being the origin of each and every marvel.”? – Aristotle

What if the hierarchy of life has seven natural tiers and not just two tiers? When we study the natural science contained in the 2,500 year old Tibetan Wheel of Life tangka, with its four concentric circles: (1) Ideological beliefs; (2) Karma; (3) The Hierarchy structure; and (4) The Cycle from birth to death. It provides the sum of all knowledge. It is the enlightened code of the Universe, in which every single thing interconnects and everything in life makes complete sense. The extraordinary binary structure of life, with both its negative and positive energies, are portrayed in the Wheel of Life tangka pictorial and leave no room for ambiguity:

(1) The inner core circle begins with ignorance, greed and anger: from ideological beliefs;

(2) The next circle in life is Karma from the negative energy of ignorance, greed and anger; Alternatively Homo sapiens can choose the binary of positive energy and benefit from the Karma of wisdom, justice and compassion;  

(3) The next circle is the Hierarchy structure of life with its seven tiers: 

  • Sensible people are firmly at the top of the hierarchy;
  • Under these are the ruling elite. They enjoy nutrients, wealth and power that are derived at another’s expense. This enables the ruthless wrongdoing perpetrated against the innocent; 
  • Under the ruling elite fall the great body of people. They feel duty bound to follow a system of ideological rule;
  • Next is the transient spirit world, before a new life commences; 
  • Then come unfortunate people who are subjected to the full malefic force of negative energy. They are helplessly trapped and suffer hell on earth;
  • The hierarchy circle then turns upwards. With the wonderful and diverse natural world that comprises all non human life; 
  • Above these are people with passion and determination, who question and choose not to  accept the malefic energy forces. In this way the hierarchy cycle naturally returns to the sensible stability of wisdom, justice and compassion.

(4) The outer circle are the twelve steps in the Cycle from birth to death, however there is one absolutely remarkable and very powerful exception. Buddha placed six empty houses to depict our six senses. This extraordinary Tibetan secret is revealed in

While belief ideologies will always be a factor of life and while there will always be an elite class that derives nutrients at another’s expense. We can break the deadlock to human progress, change the direction of the world and improve the quality of life by understanding the immense significance of the sun, the family and gold.

The assurance of solar energy provides the world with a stable and recurring agricultural ecology. The assurance of caring family values, provides the world with emotional stability. The assurance of gold as monetary wealth in the nations treasury, with sufficient silver available to provide a completely equitable and stable commerce. With stability, sustenance, like minded good company, as well as opportunities and prosperity that had never been thought possible. The world has an abundance of everything which is required to amply cater for the enduring needs of every individual person: “All truths are easy to understand when they are discovered, the point is to discover them.”  –  Galileo

The sun, the family and gold are nature’s binary and without any need to impose bureaucratic fear or give monstrous favors to a few, they assure the well being of every person. The sun is the enemy of the beast, it gives a prolific ecology that nourishes all life. The motive of the parasitic central banks, parasitic politicians and parasitic corporations is to control everything that is natural and precious in the world. That is the reason why they genetically engineer to modify plant life, poison the land, kill the birds, bees and tiny insects. These psychopaths have demanded the use of vaccine eugenics to cull the population and alter our DNA. They now want to spray the biosphere with chalk to block out the sun, promote artificial foods, introduce crypto currencies and mandate social credit passports that permanently remove our sovereign rights to liberty, equality and fraternity. The family unit of a father, mother, sons, daughters, grandparents, etc., is the natural bond of civilization, which means the family is the enemy of the beast. This is the malefic reason they want to redefine the family and why they continually socially engineer, to destroy the family and family values. As precious metals ensure a world of equitable prosperity and natural free markets, gold and its sister silver are the prime enemy of the beast. The constant malefic objective of the fake banking system, is to financially engineer and suppress gold and silver from being used as the natural sovereign wealth of the people. 

Like the air that we breathe, there is no ambiguity whatsoever. The binary with energy, is sovereign to every situation. Science provides the binary knowledge that removes the beast and ideologies are all about feeding the beast. 

As Homo sapiens we do not need the beast. We are each uniquely equipped to take total control over our own lives and from the binary with its energy, discover the astounding strength and creativity in every sphere of activity. The sole binary purpose of science is logically to differentiate truth from untruth. “In the order of nature, the cause must precede the effect, even though it appears to follow in point of time, and since every positive effect must have a positive cause.”  –  Galileo

With the top down, two tiered extreme wealth and social divide that has been imposed on the world by the despicable central banker’s debt ideology of monetarism, which finances the pernicious ideologies of corporatism. globalism, capitalism, socialism, communism, fascism and militarism. The trillions of sovereign public assets including gold, surreptitiously acquired by central banks and their crony corporations. The immense off balance sheet financial casino, with counter party risk from quadrillions in leveraged derivatives. The banking, political and corporate imposed deadlock to destroy the enterprising middle class, prevent human progress and remove our sovereign right to liberty, equality and fraternity. The social importance of providing healthcare and other essential services. Some insightful thoughts on how to structure a completely equitable economic and social reset, which complies with Sir Isaac Newton’s extraordinary third law of physics: “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Are developed in the author’s book Two World Systems.

David writes about the unequivocal, extra extraordinary revolutionary science of the binary that ends all forms of ideological control, as well as perfected knowledge and scientific thoughts on his web site and Two World Systems by David Bryan which includes an illustrated section about the Tibetan Wheel of Life is available on Kindle Books.