Three Ways To Look At China Selling Oil to North Korea Despite U.N. Sanctions

President Trump is on it, the MSM is on it, and so is the alternative media. Here’s the details on the latest discovery of the sanctions skirting action…

It’s clear that the news of the oil sales from China to UN sanctioned North Korea is striking a nerve in the political arena, in the mainstream media, and in the alternative media.

So here’s three different views to properly engage in water-cooler talk at work or dinner table talk at home.

First up, about as basic and high-up as it gets from the political arena:

Now here’s some MSM coverage via Fox News:

Finally, here’s Ron Paul via Ron Paul Liberty Report

A recent US spy satellite photo showing Chinese ships selling oil to North Korean ships in violation of UN Security Council resolutions is supposed to infuriate us. But sanctions are immoral, they hurt the most vulnerable, and the never work.



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