This Week’s Huge & Really Large Q Posts And China, China, China!

The silver market kinda feels like the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), but in the meantime, we continue to see Trump Draining the Swamp

submitted by J. Johnson via JS Mineset

Great and Wonderful Friday Morning Folks,

      Gold was more positive than it is right now as the trade reached $1,735.50 before the City put in their “calm” (our synonym for manipulation) with the trade at $1,726.60 up 80 cents with the low at $1,722.10. Silver is once again doing “the oddball” by leading with the trade up 19 cents at $15.78 after reaching up to $15.885 before the synonym was placed and after the low of $15.545 was hit. The US Dollar continues to stay in place by sticking around par with the trade at 99.79, down 11.6 points inside a trading range between 99.905 and 99.650. Of course, all this happened before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and before the Unemployment and Wholesale Trade reports get posted.

      Our Emerging Market Currency Watch is nothing but positive today. For example, in Venezuela, Gold is now priced at 17,244.42 Bolivar showing a 289.69 gain with Silver adding 6.192 Bolivar to its price at 157.603. Argentina’s currency now has Gold valued at 115,739.08 Peso’s as the currency falters popping in an additional 1,927.37 A-Pesos overnight with Silver adding 41.38 A-Peso’s with the trade at 1,057.63. The Turkish Lira’s price for Gold is now at 12,274.53, as the noble metal gained 152.88 Lira with Silver now at 112.177 T-Lira proving a gain of 3.547. As a side note here, part of the reasoning for posting collapsed foreign currency values for our precious metals is to prepare you for what we think will be the price swings under the US Dollar, when the time comes and as the print continues.

      May Silver Deliveries now sit at 1,996 fully paid for 5,000-ounce contracts, and with a Volume of 14 up on the board so far, with a trading range between $15.75 and $15.53 with the last trade of course, at the high, up 18.8 cents from yesterday’s close, proving 123 receipts were passed out somewhere between here and London. Yesterday’s Delivery Month trading range finalized between $15.435 and $15.215 with the last registered buy at the high and with a close way above any trade at $15.562 with a final Volume count at 9. As mentioned over the years, the paper behind the price will be the “tell” as the levels of manipulation, or fear, show up in the count as 4,237 more short contracts had to be added yesterday in order to provide liquidity with the total Open Interest now at 137,083 contracts traded on an exchange that only controls the price, not allowed to move freely. All this kinda feels like a CCP controlled market, huh? 

      May Gold Deliveries are still amazing to see as the Demands For Physical remain elevated for a cereal month with the count at 3,377 fully paid for 100-ounce contracts waiting for receipts with a Volume of 229 up on the board already inside a trading range between $1,728.90 and $1,721.10 with the last trade so far at $1,722.40, up 60 cents and proving a drop of 273 demands that got receipts and have exited the building Elvis style. If you really want to see the fear trade, look no further than the additional liquidity put into the Futures Market behind the price to control Gold as another 11,632 shorts had to be added to keep the noble metal from making new life of contract highs bringing the count to 504,539 Overnighter’s willing to stay in before our Unemployment Report comes out.

      China’s International Barbarian Management is being seen everywhere as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the various media conglomerates inside our borders, are removing any and all discussions about where this bio came from, as the world places the blame squarely on the socialist (the idiots term for communist) nation. More countries are piling on in the international courts as China’s Truth Squads attack opposing views to their narratives within these claimed free-speech-platforms. Now China’s Truth Squads are being accused of removing sections of many articles written by EU members and as the “E-Union fails to discuss the edits, including the removal of references to the spread of COVID-19, in an op-ed jointly published article by all 27 member states in a Chinese-owned newspaper”. So, WHO really controls the narrative? I say, let’s find out the answer by withholding all the money and grants to these organizations and see who complains the most?

      Also, of note is this past week’s huge and really large Q posts. You may not have noticed them being discussed in the media because the management within our media considers the movement as not China Centric, I no longer wonder why? Could it be that some who claim to be ardent Americans are really traitors to our nation and are making hidden agreements with other nations against our nation benefits, and the will of the people? Did you see Flynn’s 3 years of isolation, incarceration, and accusations, fade into oblivion yesterday? There are quite a few that do not like the idea of Q, but the point I see is Q is the voice that is showing the world the media is full of shit at every turn and they need to be exposed. We will observe all the discussions because somewhere in the middle the truth can be found. In the meantime, we continue to see Trump Draining the Swamp in slow, methodical, and in the unrelentingly slow pace of law and order! We’re also keeping an eye on those that claim Trump needs to be investigated more and impeached more, as the Barbarian Comedy shows up again.

     So have a great weekend, keep the faith, and a smile on your face, and Q the moments that makes up one smile, and as always… 

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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