There’s New Price Floors Coming For Gold & Silver That The Cartel Will Be Forced To Accept

It’s not possible to manipulate gold back down to $1,000 or silver back down to $10. Here’s why…

Jason Burack interviewed on the X22 Report Spotlight

Jason Burack and Dave from the X22 Report Spotlight discuss the latest shenanigans from the central banks.

Jason says that the only thing keeping the stock markets afloat has been coordinated central bank liquidity injections into the markets.

Jason even thinks the central banks might corrdinate at 2-5% correction here since the markets have basically been parabolic.

After moving on from the discussion of the everything bubble, the conversation shifts to the precious metals.

Jason says that the manipulators are going to have to allow a managed retreat because gold & silver are in very tight supplies, and without allowing the price floors to rise, they will simply not get to market.

To find out what else is in store for the precious metals moving forward, tune in to the entire interview below: