There Is No Alternative (TINA) – Michael Pento

There is no alternative to the stock market, and none dare call it “QE”…

by Kerry Lutz with Michael Pento via FSN GoldandSilver

There is no alternative to the stock market – TINA. None dare call it QE. Debt monetization like Zimbabwe. $14 trillion of new confetti since 2007. No wonder the market hasn’t crashed yet. But there will be a day when the recession comes and we’ll turn to central banks and they’ll be powerless. We’re already in QE and zero percent money, what else can they do? What about the fiscal side of the leger? Global debt is now $255 trillion, 330 percent of GDP and economic growth is fettered when we’re at 90 percent. Most of the debt is unproductive by nature. $1 trillion in debt during an expansion, wait for $3 trillion when the recession hits.