The-Y*T-Purg3-& Attack On The–@[email protected]@–

An escalation in the [email protected]*U*-T-H has taken place since that event on [email protected]’s^[email protected] Here’s an update…

At SD, we’re trying to promote the concept of sound money, and we’ve even been under fire with one of our own posts demonetized by you-know-who.

For now, let’s look at the alt-media in general.

Thi$-truthT3ller who interviews some of the most patriotic Americans there are, such as Paul Craig Roberts, became victim of YT-cen$or$h1p and had his channel memory-holed:

As you can see from the screenshot of this article on SD, it’s as if it simply doesn’t exist:

Which is why we haven’t covered too much of the event that happened on Valentine’s Day.

Our primary focus is promoting sound money in general, with attention given to the fact that the U.S. Constitution specifically requires a bi-metallic gold & silver standard.

So it’s a judgement call.

But an update is needed, because its that important.

In this latest interview over at SGT report, we can see that many in the [email protected]#-Truth-Telling-(placeholder)-Alt-Media-123- have had to make similar choices of what to cover and what not to cover in light of this latest crack-down-on-free-sp33ch.

Nonetheless, in an effort to keep everybody informed, here is Sean from SGTreport in his latest interview with Tracy Beanz discussing the many assaults on —Freedom&Liberty— that have occurred since Valentines Day:

Sean is putting his entire channel at risk for putting up that very informative video.

It really is a must listen for anybody who needs to catch up to speed on Q, the event that took place on Valentine’s Day, and the war on the in-de-pen-dent-and–@lt-M3dia.

The bots are deployed to automatically parse webpages and demonetize at worst, or, if on Y-T, just completely rid of the channel itself.

It’s easy to protect against the bots, but human eyes are watching too, and that’s where, for example, risk to us comes in. You see,¬†word can just as easily get back to the-c3n$or$ since we have known paid trolls and disinformation agents/informants in the comments section anyway, but this is one of those topics that is really that important.

So we’ll give this update.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar