THE WORD For This Week, And Isn’t “01012020” A Meaningful New World Order-ish Number?

There is a word that defines this week in the economy & markets, and it could mean big things for the dollar, gold, silver and more…

“Interesting uncertainty”.



That was two words.


This is certainly shaping up to be one interesting week, a week full of all sorts of uncertainty.

How so?

Well, first of all, we’re ringing in the New Year, and society is waving goodbye to 2019 in a very violent, bloody fashion.

For example, take the incidents of knife attacks and shooting attacks at religious places around the country, where over the weekend there were a couple more instances, one in Texas and one in New York.

I have not looked into any of them other than scanning the headlines, but it does seem that society is not losing, but rather, has lost, its collective mind.

But wait.

There’s more!

That’s right!

Because individual random acts of violence are not the only violence that’s free flowing from the taps.

Officially sanctioned violence is on the rise as well as the US engages in “defensive” airstrikes in Iraq and Syria:

Military conflict in the Middle East is indeed increasing, and I don’t think it’s priced-in just yet.

Here’s the question: Will we ring in the new year by seeing even more individual random acts of violence and officially sanctioned acts of blowing things up and killing people?

I think so.

And for some reason, whenever I think about the date – 01012020 – I can’t help but think about all of the people and groups who put significance behind dates and numbers in general, and if there is something “special” about 01012020 specifically.

If there is, then we’re about to find out!

And, there could be serious consequences for the markets and the economy.

In fact, depending on the scope and scale of any kind of Deep State Globalist “event”, if we’re talking about something on the scale of those other dates that now live in infamy, there will be crushing consequences for the markets and the economy.

Which, without the individual and official violence, will already be full of interesting uncertainty on their own.

How so?

Well, we could have some end-of-year repositioning taking place in the markets, the markets will be closed on Wednesday for New Year’s Day, and then we could have some beginning of the year positioning taking place by the end of the week.

Interesting uncertainty!

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Even participate in the conversation!

The dollar looks like it is about to start 2020 on the decline:

Is 2020 the year the bottom falls out of the dollar?

I think so.

I still think we keep grinding lower on yield until the bond market crashes:

One of the ways to force yield lower is to crash the stock market.

I think that’s coming too.

For now, however, it’s the greatest stock market, ever:

With low volumes dominating the last several days, the stock market seems pretty easy to strong-arm right now, too.

Just the way the cartel likes it!

And the fear gauge is primed for a spike in fear:

Que the weekday airstrikes?

For most of Trump’s Presidency, the airstrikes have been conveniently conducted over the weekend, so as not to trigger reactions in the “markets”, so we should be on the look out for incidents that happen during business hours.

The question is: Will it be to end 2019, or to begin 2020?

Ah yes.

The timing.

Interesting uncertainty!

At the time I grabbed a screenshot of crude oil, the price was above $62 per barrel:

If military conflict is increasing in the Middle East, which it is increasing, then I’d be looking for the “fear premium” to come back into the price of crude oil.

Furthermore, the world is going to need a lot of copper to rebuild everything we are about to blow-up:

I think we see a pick-up in the industrial use of copper, and that pick-up is secondary to the fact that I think poorer nations will begin stockpiling copper as a non-perishable, cheap hedge against inflation.

So far, notice the point here: In my opinion, it seems the dollar is set for a decline, the stock market is set for a crash, fear is set to come storming back into the markets, and commodities prices are going up.

This is not good news for holders of dollars or holders of traditional, dollar (i.e. debt-based) mainstream financial investments, but the sick and twisted part of all of this is that I think all of this is by design, which is why I say it’s the Deep State Globalist plan to bring on maximum pain to the United States in the form of economic misery and financial ruin.

Interesting uncertainty, anyone?



It’s not a choice.

It’s what we’re being served.

You can, however, choose to serve yourself over 85 ounces of silver for the cost of only one ounce of gold:

I do think this is about as good as it gets for those participating in the gold-to-silver ratio arbitrage.

I don’t think we go back up near 100, but rather, I think the bottom falls out, and if the metals begin their next leg-up this week, then we could kiss that 80-handle goodbye as early as this week, or perhaps the next.

Silver’s on its 3rd day of “consolidation”:

It would be nice to see that consolidation north of $18, but either way, I just don’t see us consolidating for much longer, especially with so much interesting uncertainty this week.

Gold, of course, is looking stronger than silver right now:

Gold’s short consolidation is taking place above the “psychologically important” whole number.

We can look to palladium for clues:

With 2019, a market holiday and 2020 all happening in the same week, I think we could see a little whip-sawing here.

If the metals don’t rally this week, the whip-sawing would be most impressive in platinum:

If the metals do rally this week, I’m looking to break-out above $1,000.

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful, rainy Monday?

There is a lot of interesting uncertainty in the markets this week.

Then there’s that dang number that gives me goosebumps!

I look at the headlines, and the news is not good at all.

It’s chock full of random acts of individual violence.

It’s also full of official US sanctioned violence.

We’re about to turn the page in this book.

We’re about to start a new chapter.

This particular one’s got it all!

It’s a suspenseful thriller.

And it’s a mystery.

But it wont be.

Very funny.

At all.


Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, an active amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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