Wheat Price Spikes Parabolic: $10 Loaf Of Bread Imminent In America, World About To Run Out Of Food?

We sold off our wheat reserves long ago, which most people will probably…


America Has No Emergency Food Reserves To Help Ease Prices, Shortages



(by Half Dollar) I’m not saying to gamble in the Rigged Casino:

But as I have been saying, I am saying to stock up on bread, cereal and pasta.

It will soon become urgent for some.




My last conversation with Kansas Wheat Farmer Brian Ochsner may be of interest:

Because it’s not just the fact that the price of wheat is skyrocketing.

Additionally, it’s funny how you can’t rig purchase history, such as shown in this true purchase I made from Walmart in April of 2021:

It’s also kind of funny how the censors still allow purchase history search functionality.

I mean, somebody better get on that or something.

But to think, this direct comparison from a year ago doesn’t even directly include the purchase of food made from wheat:

That’s just some food for thought.

In my opinion, to not buy as many one-pound boxes of pasta for anywhere close to $1.00 each in price right now is to literally leave money on the (dinner) table.

And who can afford to do that?



(by Half Dollar) The hate, the hostility and the cognitive dissonance are interesting to say the very least.

It’s weird too, kind of like how people believe we, ahhh, nevermind.

I just feel that I really need to share this article I wrote in April of 2020, with one of the key points being the US has no real wheat food reserves anymore (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

In 2008, as global food prices spiked, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) sold the remaining stocks (about 915,000 MT), converting the trust into an all cash reserve for the purchase of U.S. commodities.

Instead, we have “cash reserves”.

And while everybody laughs at Canada for selling off all of its gold reserves, and while everybody laughs at the US for releasing a drop of oil from its strategic petroleum reserve, I’m pretty sure that not many people will be laughing when the hunger pangs kick in.

Regardless, the “normal commodity market cycle” Chart Huggers are coming out of the woodwork.

So I need to come out with a friendly reminder: A funny thing happens when a person is an expert on paper yet has spent zero time in battle on the frontlines of hunger.

Much like all of the newfound Chairborne Rangers…