The U.S. Will Go Broke Trying To Force Political & Financial Repression On The People

Charles Hugh Smith says that the public may simply run out of patience paying higher taxes and getting less quality service from government. Here’s why…

Charles Hugh Smith interviewed on the Financial Repression Authority

Today we have Charles Hugh Smith. He’s author leading global finance blogger and philosopher, America’s philosopher we call him. He’s the author of nine books on our economy and society including “A Radically Beneficial World Automation Technology and Creating Jobs for All”, “Resistance Revolution Liberation a Model for Positive Change”, and “The Nearly Free University in the Emerging Economy”. His blog of has logged over 55 million page views. It is number seven on CNBC top alternative finance site.

The Financial Repression Authority (FRA) educates investors, funds and retirees on the adverse risks resulting from good-intentioned macroprudential central bank policies, government fiscal policies and financial regulations focused on controlling excessive government debt, attempting to stimulate economic growth, and minimizing the potential for financial and economic crises. FRA provides consulting services, lead generation services and retirement solutions.

The Charts that follow along with the discussion: