The Top Selling Paint Colors For Your Home

Putting your house up for sale on the market? Is it one of these four colors? If so, then…

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The Top Selling Colors For Your Home

Homeowners are constantly looking for the best ways to improve their homes. They look for a variety of ideas to not only improve the appeal of their homes, but potentially make some money off their investments.   From House Flipper trends, the landscaping,renovations all have great potential to flip or flop. For many homeowners the newest trends or big renovations are time consuming and costly. For many homeowners and house flippers, a new coat of paint is a great way to transform a room quickly and at minimal cost. Many homeowners don’t know that using certain color in your flip can up their homes, can add serious value, and help your home sell for more down the line. Seeing green on paint brush is easier than ever by choosing the right colors. Newly painted homes can help sell homes, and even help homeowners sell homes for more!

Depending on where you live there may be colors that trends and are better suited for exterior than other regions, so always use your best judgment. Some factors, like the region your home is in, may affect the value of the projects, or even the top performing colors as well. By choosing the best colors for you home can add serious value to your home, and may even help it sell faster. Below You can find the 4 best selling paint colors, and the best ways to use them in your home, to maximize your space, and make money if you want to sell.

Best Selling Paint Colors: Gray

“House flippers all over the country have been turning to gray for their flips for a reason. Cool Tones are the new must-have for paint color, and Gray is the perfect accent color. Whether you go light or dark it compliments all buyers taste or personal touches, and is easy to match with other colors or accents. House flippers love it because it is universally appealing, which is the essence of the repairs and the work that they do.” – Loren Howard, Gilbert Bridge Loan Lender, Prime Plus Mortgages

Gray is the trendiest color on the market right now. Whether used for an exterior or interior the combinations, and possibilities of using a gray is endless.  Gray pairs perfectly with all accents, and is eye-catching with black or white accent pieces. Gray can be used in almost every room of a home, making it a perfect color to unify homes together.  is a perfect mix of warmth and cool tones that makes it the perfect color to feature in houses. It is increasingly being used in kitchens, as it matches perfectly with tile, appliances, and cupboards. Zillow reports that homes with kitchens outfitted in soft gray hues often sold for a $1809.00 premium. Gray is the top pick of home sellers because of its neutral tones and its ability to enhance nearly every room. Picking a light gray is perfect for rooms with limited light, or dark accent features.Home sellers looking to paint the exterior of their home can make some serious return on investment by choosing a dark gray.  Zillow reports that dark gray homes sell for more than other colors, and can add up $3,496 in value.  Gray and cool tones are perfect neutrals for homes, making them easier to sell because of their trendy timeless appeal that is easy to combine and match with any style of room.

Best Selling Paint Colors: Blue

Cool tones are eye-catching to house flippers and home owners all over the country. With Blue tones, you can pair easily with decorations, accent walls, stones, hardwood floors, and more. Due to their versatility, blue rooms, are becoming ever more popular.  CBS News Reports that the following rooms can see a serious spike from having a variety of shades and blue rooms. Blue walls aren’t just for coastal themed bathrooms anymore, but a blue painted bathroom can add over $5,440 in home value. They found that having a Blue dining room could add over  $1,926 in value, and a blue bedroom could sell for about $1,856! Paired well with accents, tiles, trims and more, a blue kitchen could add up to  $1,809. The only room they suggested not to paint blue? A Living room, which could decrease home value by -$820!

Navy blue is also starting to trend as a statement piece, paired innocuously with other trends, such as shiplap, stones, or even as a standalone accent piece. In fact, a Navy Blue front door can add over $1,500 in value, MSN Reported. Blue is a classic choice for home buyers as it is a vibrant and still refined color choice for most home buyers.

There are many ways to pair blue with either wood, tile, and stone and not be overpowering. Blue is easy to pair with furniture, accessories, trim, and more! Depending on the room, blue has the ability to transform a room in a few paint strokes. Blue isn’t a color that is just confined to bathrooms! Pastel blues add a soft and romantic touch to bedrooms, while deeper shades, such as navy, make beautiful accent walls and even bring a nautical feel to the home.

Best Selling Paint Colors: Black

Black is a bold choice, and those willing to take the risk can see some real payoffs. Black front doors, accent walls, and even featured in kitchens is on trend and a real statement piece that can add a modern flair to any home. In Fact, Business Insider reports that a black front door can add over $6,000 in value! With Zillow Reporting that Tuxedo kitchens can also help sell homes for more money when paired with a black front door. Tuxedo Kitchens are on the rise as well where you pair white cabinets with black walls or even black countertops and backsplash, for a chic modern look any millennial will love. Another Surprise use for black, accent walls or even more popular entertainment centerpieces. A black wall is a perfect accent for your entertainment center, and helps draw focus to the television, and is a great way to sit back and relax.

With all the love for black coming back, and more people than ever using going bold, be sure not to go overboard with a full black room. Dark Colors like black also properly accented can be a real turn off for buyers! So be sure to use black paint in a sparring and deliberate manner. Black paint isn’t for everyone but black accent such as a front door, or Tuxedo kitchen I a great way to mix it up and catch any buyers attention! Staging your space will be key if selling a dark room, and you can learn more about how to decorate a dark room here!

Best Selling Paint Colors: White And Cream

A classic paint choice and universally loved, white and cream tones are one of the top homes selling colors. White colors make it easy for potential buyers to visualize their home in your space and more than ever white and neutral tones are taking over offering a modern and minimalist twist. CBS reported that a white or cream living room could add up to $2,793 in home value. Tuxedo Kitchens can also be used with white a well, with a combined value of $1,547.

White and cream color tones are great options for the home that want a more modern look. Homebuyers also love to use cream to help a room feel more clean and sophisticated

White and cream colors are great for rooms with dark floors and colorful accent pieces, or even just a more natural feel to the home. Using the white tones in a well-lit space is great for making a home feel more modern and unique. White for kitchens can give a clean, calm and modern appeal when paired well with modern backsplashes and cupboards.

If not for walls, white trim, and accent features play easily and beautifully with other colors (especially those on this list). Crown molding is always a beautiful accessory to rooms and help transition wall to ceiling. White backsplash, such as the home rehab favorite trendy subway tile, or solid white countertops can also help unify a room. HGTV offers a full list of how to use the whiteout technique in your home, and have a soft airy space any house flipper would love.


Picking the best selling paint colors to sell your home that you love can be tricky, because there are some many options to choose from! Picking your own personal favorite colors may be a bit of a turn off to new buyers, but picking neutral cool tones, and a surprise bold choice can see serious returns on investment.

Use the following colors for a home that has a universal appeal, that any buyer will love!

  1. Gray: The perfect color for houses that have a modern look, and a house flippers favorite. Light or dark colors work beautifully inside and outside of the home.
  2. Blue: For a sense of calm, or regal charm, blue is a perfect color for bedrooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms. Adding different tones of blue can brighten a space and accents well with other colors as well.
  3. Black: A Bold choice that is perfect for accenting spaces, making statements and one-of-a-kind spaces. Best used For an accent wall, such as an entertainment center, in kitchens and front doors!
  4. White or Cream: For a clean modern finish, white or cream painted rooms add a sense of unity and sophistication. White accents, such as tiles, trims, and fireplaces can make bold statements and add real value to your home.

What is your favorite house paint color?


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