The Smartest Investor On The Planet Is Betting On A Stock Market Crash In 30 Days

He knows what’s coming, long before the stock market does, and he’s telling us that a crash will happen within 30 days. Here are the details…

by Graham Summers of Gains, Pains, & Capital

The market will soon revisit the December lows.

If you think I’m insane for suggesting this, consider that Copper, a commodity so closely associated with GDP growth that it is nicknamed “Dr Copper” never really recovered fully from the December meltdown.

In simple terms, Dr Copper is telling us in the below chart: “guys, things are not NEARLY as good as stocks claim.” Copper suggests the S&P 500 is going to 2600 at least.

Unfortunately that’s the good news.

Lumber is even more sensitive to economic growth that Copper, and it’s telling us to expect the S&P 500 to drop to 2,500.

The bond market is even MORE sensitive to the economy and financial conditions than Copper OR Lumber. And the yield on the 10-Year Us Treasury has already broken its December lows.

Bonds are SCREAMING “WATCH OUT” here.

Ignore them if you like. But they are called the “SMART MONEY” for a reason.

Personally, I call the 10-Year the Smartest Investor on the Planet, because he KNOWS what’s coming… LONG before stocks do.

Mr Bond is telling us a Crash will hit within 30 days…

If you aren’t actively taking steps to prepare for this, you need to start NOW.

On that note, we are putting together an Executive Summary outlining all of these issues as well as what’s coming down the pike when the Everything Bubble bursts.

It will be available exclusively to our clients. If you’d like to have a copy delivered to your inbox when it’s completed, you can join the wait-list here.

Best Regards

Graham Summers

Chief Market Strategist

Phoenix Capital Research