The Shadow Civil War Has Been Going On For Decades But Now It’s Coming Into The Open

The shadow civil war between Patriots and various factions of the Deep State Cabal is coming to a head. Here’s an update on where things stand today…

Jordan Sather interviewed on the X22 Report Spotlight

The good news, as Jordan puts it, is that President Trump is a Patriot and a good guy in the fight. Trump reluctantly accepted the presidency because he couldn’t stand to see America burn, according to Jordan.

Now with ‘Q’, even more information is coming out, in real time, about the Patriots efforts to take down the Deep State Cabal once and for all.

It is an ugly fight, and it is fought in the shadows and on many fronts by many different groups vying for many different objectives, but what used to be in the shadows is coming out into the daylight for all to see.

To get an update on where things stand today with President Trump and the Patriot’s attempt to rid the nation of the Deep State Cabal, tune in to this powerful interview in its entirety below: