The Roaring Phonies: Why Work Hard And Save When You Can Be Instantly Super Duper Rich For Zero Down And No Brain Cells Needed…!?!

Functioning brain cells are actually a hinderance, you know…

(by Half Dollar) So much could be said.

But you can’t unturn a braindead zombie, and the sheeple, well, they’re sheep, so they’ll never get it, for they’re only meant to be fleeced or slaughtered, and quite frankly, the herd is becoming rather annoying anyway.

I think I’ll just bite my tongue instead.

They’ve flatlined silver:

I’m still expecting my call to be the correct call.

A bunch of so-called “experts” have appeared out of nowhere, or are pumping harder than ever, and most all of them said days ago, “the bottom is in”:

Silly Chart Huggers.

They’re all talking about gold “catching-up” to silver too:

The Chart Huggers do understand it is silver they’re talking about, don’t they?

Mark time, march:

Just kidding (everybody knows that command was given quite some time ago).

Platinum is up nearly 20%, year-to-date:

Of course it is.

It’s getting harder to maintain the narrative of “no inflation” by the day, and especially today:

That puts the Cartel in one serious pickle.

Again, I’m still expecting my call to be the correct call:

It won’t take long to find out, either.

Perhaps some “Market” “Participants” will take a que from some Freezing Texans:

But I doubt it.

Traders and investors will be blindsided just the same:

And then complain it’s everybody else’s fault but their own.

Again, inflation is getting harder and harder to hide:

Why would they not want to continue hiding it?

The US dollar still has some value:

For the moment, as in, like, the hour, with some fifty-four thousand of them, you can buy one single digital liability!