The Photo That Says It All: LANDSLIDE

trumpIt’s gonna be over early…


As Exit Polls begin to roll in, Google Trends showing current search volume for the two candidate says it all:


courtesy google trends

First Exit Poll Results From Reuters:

– 75%: ‘Take country back from rich and powerful’
– 72%: ‘Economy rigged for rich and powerful’
– 68%: ‘Traditional parties, politicians don’t care about me’
– 76% ‘MSM more interested in $$$ than truth’

We feel it apropos to highlight a recent comment made by the Madame of the Evening to Donna Brazile:

“You f – – – ing idiots, you were supposed to have this thing set up for me and you’ve screwed it up!   If that f – – – ing bastard wins we all hang from nooses!