The No.1 Crypto Stock for 2021?

With Bitcoin racing past a trillion dollar market cap, it’s now reached an elusive milestone and opened the door to a flood of new opportunities.

At $1 trillion, its value now eclipses all but a handful of the world’s biggest stocks like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

That’s why companies have been pouring cash into Bitcoin and jumping onboard the crypto bandwagon.

Tesla, for example, just invested an incredible $1.5 billion into Bitcoin…

And they even have plans to accept it as a payment in the future.

But for as hot as Bitcoin is at the moment, many are looking to what comes next.

Investor interest is growing for smaller, up-and-coming companies in the crypto markets because of the incredible gains we’ve seen already.

Hive Blockchain (TSXV: HIVE.V) has raced to 15x gains since October

Marathon Patent Group (NASDAQ: MARA) has seen shares soar for 17x gains during that time

And Riot Blockchain (NASDAQ: RIOT) has surged for 20x gains since then.

Millennials have been pouring money into the crypto space because of the incredible profit potential.

And now that the hottest name in the world has jumped in to the tune of billions, with several other big tech players rumored to follow his lead…

This has created a once-in-a-lifetime, first mover situation for everyday investors.

Now, one company has been quietly combining the most exciting new technologies to build a juggernaut in this space…

Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies (CSE:CNI; OTCMKTS:CLGUF), through their incubatory partners at Victory Square Technologies, have been at it since 2013, slowly acquiring intellectual property from around the world.

They’ve helped to grow these developing technologies and take them to the next level, which is exactly how they incubated the first publicly traded blockchain company in Canada, the BTL Group.

And as a leader in the blockchain and crypto markets, they’ve hosted, presented, and sponsored conferences globally… from NYC to London to Dubai to Seoul, Korea.

Cloud Nine recently acquired a unique mix of crypto and blockchain assets that all work in concert to create a massive pipeline for the Company at the perfect time.

With massive profits being made in the crypto world, there are still few ways for investors to get in at the ground floor via public companies.

But with the acquisition of these new crypto assets, they are taking a novel approach that gives a completely new way to play this craze.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be watching Cloud Nine (CSE:CNI; OTCMKTS:CLGUF):

1 – The Win-Win VPN

Today, over 2/3 of all Americans reported that they use a VPN either at work, home, or school.

VPNs, or virtual private networks, are quickly becoming a must-have as they help protect your privacy and encrypt data any time you browse online.

With Limitless VPN users can now earn crypto while protecting their privacy…

This innovative technology puts your unused computing power to work by mining various cryptocurrencies and trading them in for Bitcoin.

After generating this revenue (with zero effort for the user), Limitless splits it 50/50 with the user.

They already have 10,000 users cashing in with their Beta version.

But their hard launch is set to begin in March…

And with 100,000 users already on their waitlist, this could be a game-changer in the days ahead. And, based on current demand management predicts the VPN will grow to over One Million users by the end of 2021!

And with an average revenue of $11/user, this acquisition could drive up to $22 million  in revenue for Cloud Nine by the end of the year.

Companies like Airbnb and Uber have built $100 billion businesses off the backs of leveraging assets that other people own.

Now they plan to follow the same path to become the Uber of Crypto, and the Airbnb of Digital Assets.

2 – “Crypto in a Box”

Cloud Nine (CSE:CNI; OTCMKTS:CLGUF), also acquired a hardware solution that taps directly into its line of VPN users.

MicroBlock is a “crypto in a box” mining machine that allows users to mine crypto from home easily.

The all-in-one device could be of interest to any of the 100,000 users on Limitless VPN’s waitlist, as it can help them earn more crypto, and there’s no expertise required to get started with this plug-and-play device from home.

Once their users have mined their cryptocurrency via Limitless VPN and / or the ‘Mine From Home’ MicroBlock Minder, they’ll need a place to store it… This is where the X-2 comes into play…

3 – Bringing Banking to the 21st Century

While crypto has been surging in interest and activity, most modern banks have been slow on the uptake.

Despite Bitcoin surpassing a massive $1 trillion market cap, most folks still can’t reliably exchange or trade crypto through their bank or broker.

Cloud Nine (CSE:CNI; OTCMKTS:CLGUF) has the solution to this problem, making it easy for people to freely trade and store their favorite cryptocurrencies in a safe and secure environment.

The X-2 serves as the all-in-one solution: a crypto exchange (to exchange various cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin, or vice-vera), a crypto wallet (to freely pay other users across various platforms), and a decentralized bank to safely store the various currencies.

With the ability to exchange money (both crypto and fiat), clear trades, and do payment processing, it’s like having a full-service decentralized bank at your fingertips.

The X-2 gives its users the ability to use a crypto-backed Visa card, paired with the ability to trade over 100 cryptocurrencies…

It truly is the 21st century banking solution everyone has been searching for.

The 100,000 users will all need a place to trade and store their mined Bitcoins or convert them to fiat money…

And they provide the perfect solution with the X-2.

With the acquisition of the Limitless VPN (and its 100,000 waitlisted users), the MicroBlock ‘Mine From Home’ Crypto Miner, and the X-2 wallet and financial services platform, Cloud Nine has truly developed an unprecedented pipeline of assets in a space that is prime to explode…

4 – An All-Star Team at the Helm

For all the incredible pieces the Company is pulling together, it’s the caliber of the leadership team that stands out most…

For some of the best minds in the business to be working with this small of a Company, they must be onto something groundbreaking.

Take their CEO, Alex Martini, for example.

With nearly 2 decades of investing in tech ventures, he has an eye for spotting those opportunities with the greatest potential to become the next great breakthrough.

And his credentials are simply unmatched.

He served as a member of the Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development at the United Nations…

And he was even awarded the Leadership Award for Driving Social Change from the United Nations.

Their Chief Operations Officer, Kant Trivedi, has an impressive resume as well.

Over the last 20 years, he’s been building and managing customer operations within the technology, telecommunication, financial services, and blockchain sectors.

He served as the former COO and Managing Director at Greenwich Associates, a consulting firm that worked with over 260 of the largest banks and fintech firms.

And their Chief Technology Officer, Michael Shader, has worked for one of the greatest minds in technology today.

He’s been in the tech sector working with some of the biggest names for over 20 years.

He’s worked with Fortune 500 clients across industries from banking to software… and manufacturing to aerospace…

But perhaps most impressive of all, he’s also worked for several companies under the leadership of billionaire and Tesla founder, Elon Musk.

So Shader’s experience and expertise in technology is sure to be a major asset for helping them bring their new acquisitions to the mainstream.

Now, with some of the best in the industry onboard, Cloud Nine (CSE:CNI; OTCMKTS:CLGUF) has the potential to become a major player in the industry.

5 – Set to Launch At Any Moment

As Cloud Nine prepares to launch their new VPN to the public, it could quickly set off a chain reaction.

Management expects their 100,000-user waitlist to grow to one million users in the coming year.

And their MicroBlock ‘Mine from Home’ Crypto Mining hardware and X-2 banking solution are all logical fits that will likely send more users into The X-2 pipeline and generate an end to end experience no other company can provide.

They’re aiming to build out products servicing an army of millions of digital crypto miners, giving them safe and reliable exposure to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

They’re gearing up for a major launch in late March, and The X-2 could see a surge in new users as the dominoes fall and the user acquisition funnel does its work.

The Final Word

Cloud Nine (CSE:CNI; OTCMKTS:CLGUF) has managed to acquire three new pieces of disruptive technology, all feeding into each other as this crypto ecosystem grows.

They have thousands of active users already, and management expects up to one million users to hop aboard over the next year.

And with their team of experts at the helm, this collection of assets could quickly transform the crypto, blockchain and financial services industries, catapulting the company into a household name.

By. Akira Tanaka


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