The NFL Is GIVING AWAY Tickets To Minimize The Look Of Damage Done

Think paid protesters, but instead of trying to push a political agenda, they’re pushing for the continuance of bread and circuses…

There are more woes coming from the NFL. It has been an utter disaster of a season on all fronts.

We have covered this story from time to time. Specifically here, here, here, here, and here.

The latest news coming out of the struggling sports franchise is a desperate attempt to get fans in the stands.

So much so that they are giving “fans” an opportunity to be in the background on TV and they are giving away the ticketsto the game for free.

That’s what happened into last week’s Sunday Los Angeles Rams vs Philadelphia Eagles game.

Here’s more from the Washington Post:

The Los Angeles Rams will host the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday in what’s arguably the best NFL game of the week. With that in mind, Fox Sports is pulling out all the stops, putting its top broadcast team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on the call along with plans for the Fox NFL Sunday crew to be on site at the Coliseum for pregame coverage.

Normally, such a decision would amount to a non-story. But because these are the Rams, and they do now play in L.A. — where the fans haven’t exactly lined up to support them or their soon-to-be stadium tenants, the Chargers — the powers that be at Fox may have realized that there won’t be too many folks decked out in the blue, white and gold to act crazy in the background while Terry Bradshaw drops some knowledge on the viewers at home.

Notice the spin that WAPO puts on it. They are making the claim that it has nothing to do with #NFLBoycott

This being Hollywood, those cagey network execs came up with a plan. Per a website called Project Casting, casting directors and producers are seeking “LA’s biggest NFL fans to be a part of #NFLSunday’s Los Angeles Rams vs. Philadelphia Eagles Pre Game Show” and imploring those who respond to “come out, bring your spirit, your best NFL gear & join us for NFL on FOXTHIS Sunday!”

It’s not like the WAPO is ignorant of Twitter either, because they are pumping the #NFLSunday’s hash-tag.

In other words, some good old-fashioned MSM propaganda is behind some good old-fashioned Hollywood directed social mood fakery.

That’s what we call a corporate and political agenda.

Of course, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos owns WAPO, and Amazon’s sales for NFL licensed merchandise could take their toll on Amazon’s profits.

Oh wait, Amazon doesn’t have any profits.

Regardless, the CIA contracted WAPO has a vested interest in making sure things appear as the Deep State wants it, and any divergence from distraction would not be tolerated.

Here’s more from about the recent scheme from WAPO:

Farther down Project Casting’s announcement page is a link directing anyone to “request” tickets to the game which then redirects to a free ticket giveaway. That’s right, not only can you go to the Coliseum and be on TV pretending to be a Rams fan, you can also stick around and check out the game free!

So how do things look for this Sunday, December 17, 2017?

Sure enough, plenty of $6 tickets, and lower level.

Here’s just one example:

Although around the NFL, inexpensive tickets seem abound.

Going to a professional sports game can now be cheaper than going to the movies.