The New Developments Q&A with Eric Griffin and Lynette Zang

Do you think the world should even have a reserve currency?…

Lynette Zang interviewed on ITM Trading

Question 1. Charmingly Cynical-: do you think the world should even have a reserve currency?

Question 2. Italian G​: What does L feel about the repeal of Glass Steagall, allowing banks and brokers to merge, and gamble?

Question 3. Yamil L: I live in Peru and we use both USD and our local currency. With the intention to inquire about the resilience of our financial system in the case of a dollar crisis, what questions do you suggest I ask the head of our Central Bank if I had the chance to interview him?

Question 4. Steve C: I am afraid of losing everything in my 401k. I still work for the company. What if I borrow up to half of my 401k and pay it back with around 5 percent interest which all goes directly back into my 401k. So I’m paying myself interest. If the market crashes, I’ll lose my 401k but I’ll have physical gold in my possession. Good idea?

Question 5. Lorena B: You have mentioned in the past that the banks are insolvent but at the same time, they have been accumulating a lot of physical gold. How can they be insolvent if they have all that gold as protection or insurance?