The Local Chinese Restaurant, Coronavirus Satanic Blood Rituals, And Inflation

It is a weird start to the week, indeed…


I’m an idiot, really, in thinking that my favorite local Chinese restaurant would be open.

After all, or before all, actually, Chinese restaurants were the first to be KIA in the United States.

For not only did one risk getting fried dog instead of fried pork, but there was the added risk of being served a side of coronavirus instead of an egg roll.

In saying some of the first businesses to get wiped out by coronavirus economic contagion, here’s some reporting on Chinese restaurants from early February:

Which means Chinese restaurants were taking a beating before the lockdowns and shutdowns even began in the United States.

Nonetheless, I haven’t had Chinese food, buffet, take-out, or otherwise, since at least late January.

Granted, I did begin discussing the “mystery virus” coming out of China on January 20th, so I was ahead of the curve in ceasing to be a patron of the Chinese variety of restaurants.

Needless to say, my family was in the mood for some authentic (bastardized, American version of) Chinese food after so many months.

After getting good-n-hungry, because that’s what you do when you’re planning on eating Chinese, I picked up the phone to call in the usual order, which consists of three Orange Chicken, cooked spicy, a shrimp lo mein, a beef lo mein, and four egg rolls.

Don’t judge.

Their food is the bomb!

They cook each of the orders fresh, and it’s absolutely delicious, and they’re actually Chinese that own and operate the restaurant.

Or at least they’re of Asian descent.

But I digress.

They weren’t picking up their phone, which was odd.

They must have been busy with all of the changes that have taken place over the last several months because this restaurant has dining, and it also has a bar?

So I fired up the old wannabe rally car and drove that beater to the restaurant to place my order in person.

Upon walking up to the door, I learned why they had not been picking up their phone.

For it was a now sun-faded, dusty piece of paper taped loosely on the inside of the glass door, and it simply said:

“back in few days”

I guess not.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you’re rambling man, do you have a point to make here?”.

Oh, sorry.

And yes, I do.

You see, the bail-outs have, by and large, benefited Wall Street, and, for lack of a better term, “Corporate America”, so I no longer can go to the Chinese restaurant that serves the good Chinese food.

Which means food that’s not sitting around in some steam table for hours and hours and hours on end.

But alas, I have to visit the national chain now.

And it sucks!

As my bad luck would have it, I tried Panda Express for the first time in my life, and it was straight up garbage.

Note to surviving, nationwide-chain Chinese restaurants: Just because your fryer oil hasn’t been changed out like it should and therefore gives everything the taste of burnt chicken with a hint of fish, that doesn’t give you the right to fry up a bunch of dough-batter with very little to mostly no chicken in it, and call it freakin’ “orange chicken”.

It was disgusting!

Imagine the worst mall in America with the crappiest Chinese restaurant in the food court, and yeah, kinda like that, only, times ten!

Here’s my point: The unique & flavorful local experience is being killed-off, and that is sad, because the big franchises, the nationwide chains and the corporate places cater to the lowest common denominator, which usually involves taking the Disney approach, which means your target demographic is nine-year-old retarded kids, which is another way of saying the food is beyond bland.

But what are we to expect?

The Federal Government (including Trump and his “Administration”) and the Fed have bailed-out Wall Street, and anybody willing to venture out and open their eyes can clearly see that they’re intentionally destroying Main Street.

Besides, it’s much easier to implement the so-called cashless society when your choice of Chinese restaurants is Panda Express or Panda Express.


Apparently Trump made some big break-through announcement on a blood plasma treatment for coronavirus.

Admittedly, I have not looked into this emergency authorization for treatment in great detail, but if the FDA is fast-tracking something, one should automatically raise red flags in our era of bought-off politicians and big pharma influence.

Regardless, if many of the test kits detect any coronavirus at all, whether it’s Covid-19 or some other even perhaps totally harmless coronavirus, which explains why all of the lions, dogs, cats, kids, tigers, bananas, and coconuts have all tested positive, then suffice to say a lot of kids and young people will test positive, so this is a way for the satanic, sicko Deep State Globalists to have more than a continual fresh supply of young blood for all of their “transfusions”.

The use of Trump in the announcement is brilliant from the Deep State Globalists’ perspective too, because half of this country hates anything Trump does, so that half doesn’t really matter, and the other half of this country thinks that not only do Trump’s farts smell like pure glory, but the man is the closest to perfect human to have ever walked this earth, so the Red Hats will cheer on his announcement, even though anybody who’s supposedly “awake” already knows what it means in the satanic, ritualistic sense.


I’d like to make two quick points about inflation.

First, my local Lowe’s is stocking firewood, apparently for the coming winter season.

Perhaps you know the firewood I’m talking about – the little bundle that comes wrapped in plastic, in a potato sac, or in something similar?

Well, the packs had five pieces of wood each, and they were not even full logs, but rather, by saying “pieces”, I mean the piece of wood that is the result of splitting a log with an axe, and the price was $9.98!

For five pieces!

Of firewood!

Secondly, perhaps you’ve been following the US Post Office scandal?

Nobody wants to talk about the elephant in the room (inflation), but we kinda need to talk about it:

Thank you for your consideration.

Consider the Gold-to-Silver ratio pegged to a 72-handle:

For now, still, and amazingly.

The cartel appears to have very precise control right now, but things always appear their very best right before complete and total disaster strikes.

Which, in this case, would mean silver taking off on another run higher:

I think we’re very, very close now, and I also think all of those “experts” looking for sub $19 silver are going to be wrong, yet again.

Granted, they’ve got gold’s daily chart looking scary-scary:

We don’t even have a lower-low, however, so I would not call gold in a short-term bear trend.

So far my original call from August 11th has been right in that once the cartel is done smashing, gold & silver will begin to rise in price, and magically, the Federal Government will come up with the CARES 4.0 stimulus deal!

No longer straddling either side of $2200, let’s call palladium “base building”:

The technicals seem supportive of a run at any moment, if the technicals matter right now, that is.

Deeper-pocketed investors may want to check out this wonderful “risk-off” opportunity in platinum:

Platinum is looking like a value investment right now, and a sleeper investment in my opinion, and platinum will look even more like a value investment and a sleeper investment once gold starts moving again.

The headlines this morning read something to the effect of “ISIS blows-up oil pipeline in Syria, entire nation goes dark”:

Judging by the price of crude oil, however, is that really what happened?

Especially considering the fact that there was an incident involving US troops and Syrian troops exchanging gunfire last week, (link is to CNN, so grain-of-salt), so the timing is uncanny, because, well, you know, who will be there to take out those dang pesky ISIS terrorists if not the United States military?

Copper is straddling $2.90:

It not only seems but feels like everything is going up in price, does it not?

When oh when is the Dow going to join the all-time record high party:

Before the next helicopter drop, after the next helicopter drop, or never?

If I was a gambling man in the corrupt, rigged casino known as Wall Street, which I’m not, I’d bet it would be after the next helicopter drop, but I don’t discount a front-running of the drop by insiders in the know.

It would be interesting to see the VIX walked down to 10 again:

Because I’m starting to think the VIX is becoming a more useful indicator, not of fear in the market, but of civil unrest on Main Street, and it’s an inverse relationship, meaning the less fear there is in the market, the more civil unrest there is on Main Street.

A move lower in stocks would compel the Fed and the Federal Government to “do something”, and such a move would also aid in the continued suppression of interest rates as “investors” (also known as the Fed) seek out the “safety” of the US bond market (which really means the Fed as buyer of first and last resort):

Said differently, yields will go down until the dollar blows-up because the cartel can, until they can’t, via hyperinflation.

It’s pretty much now or never for the dollar bulls:

Of course, it’s silly, really, because if your goal is to collapse the US economy and mortally would the empire, why would you strengthen the dollar?

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Monday in late August?

The collapse of Main Street is sad because what was unique is dying.

It’ll be only Victory Gin, Victory Cigarettes, & Victory Chocolate.

Yet the quality will not be there, so don’t get your hopes up.

The cost will also be higher, so it’s like worse for more!

Of course, if you’re broke, well then, that’s okay!

Especially young people with good blood.

The Satanists are paying top dollar.

Weird start to the week, isn’t it?

If the vile rituals are a thing?

And Globalists are evil?

Then it might end.

Even weirder.

It just may.




Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


About the Author

U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, a former amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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Editor’s Note: The restaurant in the “featured image” is not the local restaurant described in this article, but rather, an artistic representation of a pic in the public domain found here.