The Financial CRISIS & The Storm That Follows! – The END Of Freedom with G. Edward Griffin

Are people too dependent on the system to withstand a crash?

G. Edward Griffin interviewed by Josh Sigurdson via World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson talks with author G. Edward Griffin about multiple issues starting with the coming great financial crisis and the domino effect to come. While we talk a lot about the inevitable collapse of the US dollar among other fiat currencies throughout the world as well as the bubbles growing unsustainable and showing the signs of popping throughout the world, it’s important as well to talk about what comes after the crisis. What does history tell us as an indicator of how the populace reacts to a dollar crash and what has worked for those in the past who’ve faced such inevitable circumstances.

Mr. Griffin breaks down his thoughts looking back at history and the differences we see in modern times. Will we see a global currency? Can they succeed at pushing us under a cashless SDR type system? Can people insure their wealth properly? Are people too dependent on the system to withstand a crash? All of this is broken down by Mr. Griffin.

We then talk about several topics that one cannot write in a description without facing problems. But this show is full of need to know information and as per usual, G. Edward Griffin gives great insight into matters that affect us all throughout the entire world.

Finally, we talk about the Red Pill Expo 2019 in Hartford, Connecticut where some of the world’s greatest speakers are coming together from June 7th to 9th to educate the masses and give solutions. This includes Mr. Griffin himself, Robert Kiyosaki, Cynthia McKinney, Jeff Berwick and many more!

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