The Fed Is Unable To Keep The Stock Market Propped-Up Unless They Totally Reverse Course

Is the Fed really going to unwind their balance sheet during rising interest rates, bond sell-offs and budget busting U.S. deficits? Here’s why it’s not likely…

Dave Kranzler Interviewed by Craig Hemke on TF Metals Report

The last two weeks have been pretty crazy in the “markets”. I felt I needed to talk things through so I rang up Dave Kranzler earlier today to get his opinion on things.

As you’ll note, this was a pretty informal discussion. Dave and I simply discuss the recent gyrations in stocks, the ongoing yield spike in the bond market and into what kind of jam, if any, this places Chief Goon Powell and his Fed.

I hope you find this interesting and helpful.


p.s. We had some issues with Skype while recording and the audio cut out intermittently. I’ve done my best to seamlessly edit it together but you might notice a few gaps.

Tune in to the interview on TF Metals Report or listen to it in its entirety below: