The Fed Is Flirting With A Very Inflationary Massive Sell-Off In The U.S. Dollar

Shadow Stats economist John Williams sees the economy in decline, and if the Fed does this, then prepare for a massive sell-off in the dollar…

John Williams interviewed by Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog

Economist John Williams sees a declining economy and says, “This is what I see happening. As the economy turns down, that’s a negative for the dollar. Most importantly here, if the Fed backs off its tightening and moves back towards quantitative easing, and their minutes allow for it . . . they’re going to do that. Right now, the dollar is being supported by expectations of a higher interest rate. As the fed moves back towards quantitative easing, you are very likely going to see a massive sell-off in the dollar. The massive sell-off in the dollar becomes very inflationary. This is a big problem right now for the Fed.”

Williams says everyone should hold a core position of physical gold and silver because they will work well as financial protection from a dollar sell-off and inflation.

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