THE FALL GUY: Understand Trump’s Role To Understand Why Smollett’s Charges Were Dropped

Charges have been dropped against the hate-crime hoaxing, identity-politicking actor. The records were sealed. Of course this just happened. Here’s why…


Editor’s Note: This post is subjective opinion, and it will likely offend most readers, so read this post at your own risk.




Let’s see.

D.J. Trump.

He’s the Fall Guy.

And Jussie Smollett?

All charges have been dropped.

I knew the charges would be dropped.

Because it serves the Deep State’s purpose.

And what is the Deep State’s purpose, you ask?

To collapse the US economy into the 2020 elections.

Trump loses his re-election campaign, by design.

Smollett is just another means to that end.

Because many Red Hats are angry.

Some of them will turn on Trump.

I mean, think about it a little –

Smollett’s black and gay.

He faked a hate crime.

Blamed Red Hats.

Yet he gets off.

Scott free.



Here’s more, from CNN:

Actor Jussie Smollett talked to fans and took selfies with them as he waited outside the courthouse after charges against him were dropped.

Reporters and cameras swarmed the “Empire” actor as he waited for a vehicle. Smollett ignored questions shouted at him.

One woman shouted, “How you feel Jussie? You feel good? You look good! You look good!”


At a post hearing press conference, Patricia Holmes, attorney for Jussie Smollett, says the state made a legal decision to seal the records and drop the charges.

She clarified it is “not part of a deferred prosecution” and there “is no deal.”

Holmes urged the Chicago Police “not to jump ahead and utilize the press to convict people before they are tried in a court of law.”

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, could you explain a little more on how this fits in to your theory of President Trump being the Fall Guy?

I’d be happy to.

The concept is simple: President Trump takes credit for all the great things he’s done, which some would say he hasn’t done anything, but lets assume he has. Then, anything and everything Trump takes credit for, blows-up on his watch, and Trump gets blamed.

In other words, President Trump is the Fall Guy – the guy who takes the fall.

When it comes to the Jussie Smollett case, well, it’s pretty cut-n-dry.

President Trump has even weighed in on the matter:

In other words, the whole world is watching, Red Hats are foaming at the mouth for justice, Trump is taking it personal, and the lunatic left is claiming Smollett’s the victim in all of this.

And what do we get?

Repeated from CNN above (bold and bold added for emphasis):

the state made a legal decision to seal the records and drop the charges.


How ironic.


Well, not in this case.

Those records are sealed.

As in, well, you know the word.

Deep State has once again “conspired”.

They’ve sealed-it up to cover the conspiracy.

And you can bet the Deep State’s absolutely lovin’ it.

Because this about the most efficient scapegoating, ever.

The Deep State has effectively delivered the Red Hats a blow.

The Deep State has done it, from start to finish, in just a couple months.

President Trump looks bad, and the Red Hats slowly begin to realize the truth.

That, Red Hat by Red Hat, each one realizing he or she is being sold down the river.

Red Hats who refuse to realize this are simply living life alongside another river – Denial.

Deep State’s used another tool in its “Get The Red Hats To Turn On Trump In 2020” toolbox.

And since we’re on the topic of sealing legal documents, may I ask a few questions?

What ever happened to the 85,000 individually convened federal grand juries?

You know, the ones that have produced some 85,000 sealed indictments?

What ever happened to the mass arrests of the Deep State traitors?

What happened to the Military Tribunals in Guantanamo Bay?

What ever happened to Trump draining the swamp?

I have said all along, it is impossible to MAGA.

If at first you do not Drain the Swamp.

That’s under perfect conditions.

But it’s not even the plan.

If you understand.

The Fall Guy.

The plan?

That’s it.




Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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