The Establishment’s New Attempts To Escape Blame For Economic Armageddon

The establishment and the MSM are attempting to drag out the bubble for as long as possible. They also need a credible excuse to walk away Scott free…

by John Adams from Adams Economics

The Australian establishment are in panic model over collapsing house prices, especially in the Sydney Market. In the past week, the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority have made significant moves to keep Australia’s largest ever debt bubble going. 

Adams and Martin North exposes what is really happening within Australia’s establishment. The establishment is scared of the economy collapsing under their watch. The game plan is to claim ‘plausible deniability’ when Australians suffer economic hardship so they don’t get the blame over their economic misdeeds.

The establishment, with assistance from the mainstream media, are attempting to drag out the bubble for as long as possible until the global debt bubble blows up. They need a creditable excuse if they are going to walk away scot free with no repercussions.