The Economic Reality Shaped By Brute Force Strikes Back

To understand just how phony the economy has become, this use of force may just win “most savage of 2017”. This is only ONE TINY EXAMPLE of our totally corrupt economic reality. Worse, there may be a sinister agenda behind it…

There are lies, damned lies, and then there is this. It’s much worse than statistics.

This little digital whack job may seem innocent enough, but in reality, will sooner or later it could have major consequences.

Only one straw broke the camel’s back, and there’s a sale on straws at the Dollar Tree. 

The deck is stacked. If you work hard, do your best, and even get lucky, that might not cut it. 

All your efforts can be deleted, not indexed, misconfigured, 404’d, and nobody will ever know you even tried. 

That is the world we live in. It will go on until it won’t. They say that even a dog knows the difference between being tripped over and being kicked.

Case in point. The end result is this:


The number one selling book? Hillary Clinton literally thrust on the world stage to be the number one thing on American’s minds?

Do they literally think we are that stupid?

Then again. Seems reasonable, seeing as how Hillary is now the 5th best author in the entire world (seeing as how AMZN dominates the book world today):




I guess we really are that stupid. That includes me. I was fooled just like you.

Because of everything of any importance that can be discussed (this is non-fiction after all) in the world on September 18th, 2017, Hillary makes the cut if finger-counting with only one hand.

Not unbelievable but disgusting.

Five solid stars too! Literature must have turned into a hard science because apparently it is proven, not-contested and there is no room for interpretation.

Seems like Hillary will not even have any competition for the Pulitzer at the rate of perfection she’s going:


There is just one major problem, and it’s called reality:

In case you missed it, Zero Hedge tracked it all as AMZN deleted, erased, and scrubbed 1-star reviews of What Happened in what can only be described as blatant propaganda with a hidden agenda.

Makes one wonder what ever happened to truth in advertising? I guess we can throw that out the window:





Zero Hedge continues:

To be sure, one can claim that neither the 1-star nor the 5-star reviews are legitimate, and were merely a partisan effort seeking to amass an either extremely negative or positive view of Clinton’s book, however Amazon’s decision to engage in a wholesale deletion of what appears to be uniformly low ratings will likely raise at least a few eyebrows.

What is so important that a book must be shown in this light?        

It must be political in nature, and judging by the headlines, this is necessary for the MSM to bring the next hot-topic back to the masses:




So there we have it.

Just like that, the corrupt and bankrupt house has dealt itself another wild card. The house also just slipped it up its sleeve and will use it till necessary as it skims another card off the top on its next turn.

Talking about the issue of Hillary contesting the election, even for just a week, would certainly distract the MSM from the all the problems facing the Fed as they are frantically trying to argue their way out of this flood-damaged paper bag.