The Dollar Will Crash: Printing More Dollars Will Not Save The US Economy

Trump’s views on the Fed are all over the place, but printing more money will not save the US economy. Here’s why…

by Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson talks with WAM contributor Tim Picciott about the latest comments from Donald Trump regarding the Federal Reserve.
As we’ve reported recently, Trump alongside adviser Larry Kudlow wants to see Jerome Powell and the Fed “lower rates.” Of course their view is that the economy is not centralized to their liking. Trump has no plans to “end the Fed” at all. Honestly, his views on the Fed are all over the place and most of what he touts today including job numbers, he called out a couple of years ago.
Anyways, the most recent news is that Trump is calling for more quantitative easing. Essentially, he’s calling for more money to be printed at the Fed. He’s also talking about putting Herman Cain in at the Fed. This is simply more evidence that to him, the problem is not the Fed, it’s how the Fed is indebting people and that they need to indebt people “differently.”
Tim Picciott of ‘The Liberty Advisor’ who is without a doubt one of the United States’ leading experts on this subject matter breaks down the issue comprehensively and also pairs the problem with pensions and retirement risk.
Will interest rates go negative? How will this all end?
All of this and much more in this deep diving interview.

Finishing it off, Tim breaks down his role here at WAM and his incredible background!

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