Everyone should wear a mask in public to win the war against the Covid-19 coronavirus. EVERYONE. Period. Here’s why…

by Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity

How We’ll Beat The Coronavirus: EVERYONE Should Wear A Mask

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The most effective step each of us can take right now to beat covid-19 is to start wearing a mask.

It’s cheap. It’s easy. And if we call do it, it will give us a HUGE advantage in the fight against this pandemic.

You don’t need a fancy mask. A simple DIY version will suffice.

Wearing one does the following:
1) greatly reduces the particles a sick person can spread
2) prevents you from touching your mouth and nose, by far the most common way we can get infected
3) substantially increases your odds of having a mild case, should you get infected

If we all wear masks: I protect you, and you protect me.

So let’s each start now. It just makes so much sense.

We created this video because so many of you asked us to create a short educational clip for why masks are so important, so that you can get others onboard this movement.

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Silver Doctors Managing Editor’s Note: This is not Chris Martenson’s original title nor original featured image art work, both of which were created by Half Dollar for educational and informational purposes only.