The Country Is Talking About The Wrong Things And Going Off On Wild Goose Chases

Jeff Deist says we should be talking about the Fed, war & peace, and state power if we want to solve our problems as a nation. Here’s more…

Jeff Deist interviewed by Jason Burack on Wall St for Main St

During this interview, Jason asks Jeff about President Trump’s first year in office and the positives and negatives Trump has done so far. Jason and Jeff discuss how the term “deep state” is now being mentioned many times a day pretty much everywhere on TV and on social media when in the past, Ron Paul was one of the only people to talk about it.

Jeff is also extremely worried about the current and future budget deficits President Trump is projecting for the US federal government. President Trump was promising an increase in military spending of $300 billion in the next few years only weeks ago but Trump recently said last week that he wanted to increase military spending by $700 billion quickly! YIKES!

Jason also asks Jeff about the claims that supply side economics creates deflation, why politicians, academic economics and central bankers hate deflation and what would the great Austrian School Economists like Mises and Rothbard think about Bitcoin?

To wrap up the interview, Jason asks Jeff if the Federal Reserve is trapped and can actually meaningfully reduce its balance sheet and why many modern Austrians were predicting hyperinflation so soon after QE programs started in 2009.

Did modern day Austrians misinterpret the writings of Mises and Rothbard who predicted massive amounts of monetary inflation would go into the capital markets (asset prices) first and NOT consumer prices first or were Austrians fooled by the seemingly countless rule changes that politicians, central bankers and bureaucrats have done since the 2008 financial crisis?

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